Young gangsters show off three show-off activities on social media

The restaurant is filled with men with strong physiques who have taken off their tops.

The tattoos all over the body are intimidating to look at먹튀검증.

What kind of organized gangsters’ get-together is this?

you’re right.

The men in this photo, who posed as a group at a bar and took a commemorative photo, are also photos of today’s gangsters released by the prosecution.

The recent trend among gangsters is for small gangs to join hands and grow their power, rather than fighting, competing, and confronting each other.

The prosecution’s analysis is that SNS is proof that young members actively gather and show off their power.

There are also concerns that the number of young people who yearn for the world of organized violence after seeing the online posts posted by them may increase.

The number of teenagers arrested by the police for gangster crimes increased from 100 in 2018 to 210 last year.

The police and prosecutors plan to strengthen information collection on organized crime and expand investigations.

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