‘You get out!’ Los Angeles Dodgers drop Bauer’s mace for assault on woman

The Los Angeles Dodgers of the US Major League took tough measures to release pitcher Trevor Bower, who is accused of assaulting a woman.

The Dodgers released an official statement on the 7th (Korean time) and announced that “Bauer is no longer a member of our team,” and waited for Bower to be released.

Players who have been announced as waiting for release can be transferred if they receive a recruitment offer from another club. If he does not receive a transfer offer, he can go down to the minor league club under his original team, but the Dodgers have no intention of leaving Bower with the club in any way. 

Bower was investigated by the prosecution in April and May 2021 for committing a sadistic act accompanied by violence during sexual intercourse. The controversy seemed to have subsided when the Los Angeles County Prosecutor’s Office issued a non-prosecution order against Bower in February of last year, but the MLB office withdrew it.

The Secretariat conducted an in-depth investigation under its own rules that strongly sanction sexual and domestic violence. Then, in April of last year, Bauerage was given a severe punishment of suspension of 324 games without pay.

Later, although Bower’s unpaid suspension was reduced to 194 games, the damage to the Dodgers was great. The Dodgers signed a three-year contract with Bower for a total of $102 million before the 2021 season, but have not been properly employed over the past two years.

Even if Bower is released, 안전놀이터 an annual salary of $22.5 million (approximately 28.35 billion won) must be paid to Bower for the period excluding 51 games subject to unpaid suspension for the 2023 season. The Dodgers are likely to put an end to their relationship with Bower even at the cost of a big loss.