Yoon Mi-hyang “I’ve never been drunk for 30 years… The price the family paid is too high” Sobbing

In an appeals trial, the prosecution sought a prison sentence for Yoon Mi-hyang (58), an independent lawmaker, who was handed over to trial on charges of misappropriating donations for personal use while serving as chairman of the Jeongui Memory Solidarity (Jeong Eui-yeon).

On the 23rd, at the Seoul High Court Criminal Division 1-3 (Director Seo Kyung-hwan, Han Chang-hoon, Kim Woo-jin), the prosecution requested the court to “abolish the original trial and issue the same sentence as the original sentencing” at the trial for Congressman Yoon’s decision. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison, the same as in the first trial.

Regarding the part where the first trial did not acknowledge Gil Won-ok’s mental and physical disability, “The defendant was in a position to know the health condition well, such as going to a long-term overseas camp with the victim, and admitted that he knew at least about the fact of dementia.” There is no sincere apology and remorse to the victims and their families, and this is a quasi-fraudulent crime against an elderly patient and requires a strict judgment.”

Regarding the alleged violation of the Subsidy Management Act, “the lower court acquitted, but the registration of the museum in this case was a deception of the essential elements of the subsidy application.” .

In particular, in relation to the shelter where the court visited the site in the appeals court, it was also said that the purchase of real estate at a price higher than the market price by Congressman Yoon amounted to breach of duty in business.

Prosecutors said, “The defendants bought 400 million won worth of trust for 750 million won for negligence, leaving a market profit.” A legal judgment is needed,” he said.

Finally, “As the organization run by the accused has been carrying out important activities, it should have shown support and expectations of our society in fundraising, operation and execution,” he said. Please judge coolly whether it can be generalized.”

In response, Rep. Yoon said in his final statement, “The comfort women victims met 30 years ago with the activists of the Volunteer Corps and disclosed their painful experiences to the world, and proudly became the main body of the human rights recovery movement, and at the center were Gil Won-ok and Kim Bok-dong.” Due to a series of incidents and media reports that took place after Grandma Lee Yong-soo’s press conference, the subjective human rights recovery movement of the victims was disparaged as non-subjective and passive, dragged around by me, and I was greatly hurt in the attack.”

In addition, he said, “I have not tried to take personal gain for 30 years, and the reason I became a member of the National Assembly was only to keep the promise with the victims and achieve human rights through policies and systems.” , The price the family paid is so great and deep,” he sobbed.

“Of course, I acknowledged that there were shortcomings in the토토사이트 process of my activities, and through the trial over the past three years, I was able to painfully confirm that there were problems and errors,” he said. I ask for a warm judgment so that I can keep it.”

Rep. Yoon was prosecuted for collecting donations of 4.1 billion won in a group account without registration with the competent authority from 2015 to 2019 and raising donations of 170 million won in a personal account (violation of the Donation Act).

There are also charges of using 100 million won raised in personal accounts for personal use (business embezzlement) and falsely receiving 300 million won in subsidies from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Seoul Metropolitan Government (violation of subsidy laws).

Accused of using Gil Won-ok, a grandmother diagnosed with severe dementia, to donate 50 million won out of the 100 million won prize money to a foundation by taking advantage of her mental and physical disability (quasi-fraud), and buying a comfort women shelter in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do at a higher price than the market price (business malpractice) also receive

In February of this year, the court of the first trial sentenced a fine of 15 million won, acknowledging only part of the charge of embezzlement for business purposes, saying that among the charges of the prosecution, 17 million won in corporate accounts was used for personal use.

At the time, the court of the first trial said, “A total of 17 million won was arbitrarily embezzled from the corporate account of the Korea Council for the Countermeasures for the Sexual Slavery Issue (predecessor of Jeong Eui-yeon),” and saw that only part of the embezzlement charges were recognized.

Other charges were judged to the effect that it was difficult to prove with only the data submitted by the prosecution. Both Rep. Yoon and the prosecution disobeyed this judgment.

Receiving a fine in the first trial, Rep. Yoon maintained his position as a member of the National Assembly. Incumbent members of the National Assembly lose their seats when they are sentenced to imprisonment or heavier punishment in the case of general criminal cases that do not violate the Public Official Election Act.

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