‘Worst case, best plan’ Yonsei University director Yun Ho-jin’s hardships

 It’s the worst situation, but coach Yun Ho-jin is looking for the best solution.

Yonsei University, led by coach Yun Ho-jin, won 86-56 in the regular league home game against Chosun University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 9th.스포츠토토

It was a victory won in the absence of many players. From Lee Hae-sol, who fell out due to being selected for the U19 national team, to Kim Bo-bae, Yugi-sang, and Kang Ji-hoon due to injury. Nonetheless, the remaining players came together to win. It was encouraging to see the players confidently attempting their own play in a situation where they had hesitated before.

Director Yun Ho-jin said, “There are things that are frustrating. Still, I see the players getting better one by one. I’m glad to see you’re getting better. I am positive with my play that sees necessary opportunities. I am worried that the players will have more playing time,” he said.

On this day, coach Yun Ho-jin made many attempts in his lineup. He showed off various combinations, from a forward-oriented lineup consisting of Kim Kun-woo, Hong Sang-min, Kang Jae-min, Ahn Seong-woo, and Choi Hyung-chan to a lineup using advanced players and two centers.

Director Yun Ho-jin said, “In a situation where there are not many members, we have to try many things. It’s a situation where my original idea keeps going wrong, so I have to test things out to find out what the best combination is. I wanted to see how the players fit in, and I am also preparing for the selection of members for the Universiade.”

In defense, there were many attempts, from 3-2 regional defense to interpersonal defense and momentary double teams. Since the Chengdu Summer Universiade selections will also be absent from now on, Yonsei University, as a member, must find an answer in karate.

Manager Yun Ho-jin said, “You can say that the 3-2 regional defense is the main. Since there are areas that have become dull in attack, he asked the players to be a little more active in defense. He is testing what is good by making several attempts in defense as well,” he added.

It is Yonsei University with only two games left in the regular season. Not only in the regular league, but in the future, each official match for the MBC Cup and playoffs is a valuable opportunity to test various things.

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “Both Dankook University and Myongji University are not easy opponents considering our current strength. If you prepare well with the players and recognize your role while the injured players have come out so far, there will be good results.”

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