Woman who pushed off Sillim Station criminal with her bare hands saved her group

At the time of the Do Not Ask weapon 먹튀검증riot near Sillim Station in Seoul, where one person died and three others were injured, a woman at the scene pushed the suspect holding the weapon away and rescued the man.

On the 22nd, MBC News released some videos of the suspect Jomo (33) attacking the victims at the time of the Sillim Station weapon riot that occurred on the afternoon of the 21st.In the video, Mr. Cho attacks the man from behind with a weapon. The woman who was with him pushes Mr. Cho, who is approaching to attack the man who has fallen after being attacked again. The two of them ran away from the scene when Mr. Cho hit his butt and fell backwards. Mr. Cho seems to stop after trying to chase them.

Cho was arrested on charges of killing a man in his 20s and injuring three other men by wielding a weapon in an alley near Exit 4 of Sillim Station, Gwanak-gu, Seoul at around 2:07 pm on the 21st. One of the three injured is said to be in critical condition. Looking at the CCTV

of a nearby shopping mall , Mr. Cho attacked men at random while walking around Sillim Station around 2:00. Some of them fiercely resisted, and Mr. Cho failed to commit the crime. Mr. Cho is a Korean with a history of being sent 14 times to the juvenile division of the court for three previous offenses, including assault. Mr. Cho, who stated in the police investigation that he had no job, had no one-on-one relationship with the victim.

When the police arrived, Mr. Cho responded to the arrest without much resistance, saying, “I don’t want to live.” Regarding the motive for the crime, Mr. Cho said, “I live an unhappy life, but I wanted to make others unhappy, and I committed the crime out of anger.”

Regarding the reason why he chose the alley near Sillim Station as the place of the crime, he said, “I knew that it was a crowded place because I had visited several times to drink with friends before.”

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