‘Winning Game 1’ Pro basketball SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol “PO but comfortable game”

Seoul SK coach Jeon Hee-chul smiled after winning the first game of the pro basketball semifinal playoffs (PO).

Coach Jeon said at a press conference after winning 89-73 in the home game of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Round of 6 PO (3 wins in 5 games) against Jeonju KCC held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 3rd. “It was one of the comfortable games of the season. The players did their part.”

In a pre-game interview, coach Jeon said, “Oh Jae-hyun wins when he makes three 3-point shots,” and “I emphasized rebounding to the players,” and his predictions were “accurate.”

Oh Jae-hyun scored 17 points, including three 3-point shots, and SK took a 42-30 lead in rebounds.

Regarding Oh Jae-hyeon’s performance, the former coach laughed, saying, “The sense of humor was amazing,” and praised, “If Jae-hyeon puts in three 3-point shots, the win rate is 100%, so I said the wish, but he did really well.”

Unlike recent regular league games where they gave the flow to the opponent in the beginning and then reversed the flow, the fact that they led 28-15 from the first quarter on this day is also a factor that SK easily solved the game.

Coach Jeon said, “The first quarter is very important, but the players held it well, so we played comfortably.” “The overall defense was slightly changed to strengthen the mid-range defense. Today, the KCC shot success rate dropped a little, so I was comfortable, but Jaehyun blocked the flow of the opponent’s ball while pressing, and Seongwon Choi and Sunhyung Kim also defended well. He performed satisfactorily at 80-90%.”

“I asked the players to refrain from loose play and selfish play when the score gap widened, but the players showed mature play in terms of mentality as well as performance,” he said with satisfaction. .

SK, which has recorded 11 consecutive PO home wins until this day, will play the second match against KCC at the same place on the 5th.

Coach Jeon said,바카라 “In the second game, KCC will also prepare for our defensive form, so we also have to think about two more things.”

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, who had a difficult fight due to the loss in the first game, said, “SK’s condition looked quite good. I think we lost everything in terms of physical strength, shooting, and game management.” promised.

KCC should hope that Seung-Hyun Lee, who withdrew from the game in the middle of the 3rd quarter, is not severely injured. “We have to look at the status,” Jeon said briefly.

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