“Why don’t you bring me coffee!” 4 drunk customers grabbed the owner by the collar and behaved violently

Men in their 60s who visited a cafe drunk threw cups and even grabbed the collar of the owner who was trying to stop them. The reason is that the drinks I ordered were not directly delivered.

Reporter Taekwon Lee reports.


A gray-haired man enters a cafe, and three of his companions smoke cigarettes in front of the door.

After ordering at the kiosk with the help of the staff, the men wait a while to get their coffee and complain to the business owner.

[Victim cafe owner: Why didn’t they bring drinks even though they thought they would? . The number appears on the monitor, and doesn’t it appear at the bottom of the receipt?]

Afterwards, the man who was returning to his seat with a tray of drinks stumbles and spills his coffee.

He throws toilet paper on the floor, and even picks up and throws a cup.

When the business owner steps in to stop him, one of the group grabs him by the collar.

Another man who was trying to stop this also pushes the business owner with his elbow.

The commotion ended only when the police arrived.

[Victim cafe owner: A young man’s child grabbed him by the collar… . [They said] that they would unconditionally ask for personal protection until they got to our house because they could harm them.”

In a police investigation, they said, “I was angry토토사이트 because the coffee I ordered didn’t come out,” and “I threw the cup because my hand slipped, it was intentional.” He was reported to have said, “It wasn’t.”

The men, who were all acquaintances in their 60s, were found to have visited the cafe after drinking at a nearby bar.

[Victim cafe owner: Now that the weather has gotten cooler, we are having a lot of drinking parties, but I hope (customers like this) won’t show up anymore.] The police are considering charging the men who caused the disturbance with assault

and obstruction of business. .

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