Why didn’t Park Hae-min run home? Korea lost its basics, Episode 8 of Promise? It was a mirage [WBC]

Why didn’t Park Hae-min run home?

The Korean baseball team lost 7-8 in the first game against Australia in Group B of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on the 9th (Korean time).

I was helpless. It was a game that was hard to even find the will to win. There was also a comedy where a player hit a double and went out while celebrating. Still, there was a chance to catch Australia. At least a tie could be made. However, concentration was lacking.

Korea, which was down 4-8, had a big inning opportunity in the 8th inning. From Tommy Hyeon-soo Edmon to Lee Jeong-hoo, three consecutive batters walked and made the bases safe. Even Park Byeong-ho boasted a good pitching plan and got a push-off walk. The score was 5-8, and the bases were still full.

National team coach Lee Kang-cheol replaced Park Byung-ho with Park Hae-min, who boasts excellent base running, as the main runner. It was an appropriate choice. He could expect a lot of scoring as he brought the atmosphere. Park Hae-min, who is fast-footed, has the speed and judgment to enter the home field even in the blink of an eye. He was also a matchmaker.

However, Korea seldom saved the scoring position. Kim Hyun-soo added 1 point with a ground ball. And Park Gun-woo got hit and took another chance with the first run.

A problem arose at this time. Lee Jung-hoo, who was on third base, came home in the situation of Oh Ji-hwan’s ground ball. Park Gun-woo, who was running to second base, was out, and Oh Ji-hwan, who slid head first, survived at first base. However, Lee Jung-hoo, who had already stepped on the home, hurriedly gestured toward Park Hae-min, who had arrived at third base. Kim Ha-seong, who was in the dugout, showed the same appearance. Since the home base was empty, it was a gesture to come in quickly.

It was an invisible mistake by the Australian defense. The pitcher does not cover home base while the catcher covers toward first base. In other words, even if Park Hae-min, who was on third base, ran late, he was able to score enough points. It was an opportunity to tie the game at 8-8. However, not only Park Hae-min, but even the main base coach was not aware of this situation.

Park Hae-min was a major runner. This meant he had to focus all his attention on base running. Unfortunately, he did not fully perform the role given to him. If he came home, he was tied 8-8. Even if he didn’t score in the ninth inning, he was able to throw at least the next winning number in Korea.먹튀검증

Korea was completely defeated by Australia in every way. was not a match. Considering their baseball infrastructure, which is only a semi-professional league, the ‘precious’ Korean players worth billions of won and tens of billions of won, whose ‘FA bubble’ controversy does not go away, were greatly pushed from their skills. Even the concentration fell here. It wasn’t a game that we lost unfortunately, it was a game that was natural to lose. ‘Episode 8 of Promise’ was also just a mirage.

On the other hand, if Korea loses the upcoming game against Japan, there is virtually no realistic possibility of advancing to the second round. One can only hope that Australia lose to Japan as well as other teams. If they win the game against Japan, they can expect a miracle to advance to the second round, but the chances are slim.

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