“When is Grandma coming?”… Bonghwa dog waiting for its deceased owner

A dog that lost its owner in a landslide caused by 온라인바카라torrential rain was rescued by an animal rescue group after 12 days. It was said that the dog stayed near the house as if looking for its owner until it was rescued.

According to the animal rights group ‘Care’ on the 28th, a house was buried in a landslide in Seodong-ri, Chunyang-myeon, Bonghwa-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do around 5 am on the 15th, and Mr. A (60s, female) died. In this accident, one of the two dogs raised by Mr. A died and the leg of one was severely injured. The dog rescued this time is said to be one of the two with a leg injury.

Currently, the house has disappeared without a trace due to a landslide. However, this dog was found by a resident after staying for 12 days by the creek next to the house. This resident heard a ‘whin’ sound near the creek and looked around and found Mr. A’s dog who died in a landslide.

The animal rescue group ‘Care’, which received a rescue request from residents, arrived at the scene on the 27th and took the dog to Seoul. An official from the group said, “The hind leg was seriously injured and it looks like it needs special treatment.”

A resident who reported the dog to an animal rescue group said, “The deceased Mr. A was very fond of dogs during his lifetime.”

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