What’s your name?” KIA new foreigner, quite serious about KBO… The words I learned were different

KIA Tigers’ new foreign pitcher Sean Anderson (29) has a sincere interest in Korea and the KBO League. Even before joining his team, he memorized all 10 KBO clubs, and the Korean language he learned was different.

Prior to a recent exhibition match against Kiwoom Heroes at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, Anderson greeted the reporters with “Hello” and introduced the Korean language he had learned. Recalling “It’s delicious”, he said, “I learned ‘What’s your name’ in Korean, but suddenly I can’t remember it. Kwak Do-gyu speaks English well, so we talk a lot. I teach him English and (Kwak) Do-gyu teaches Korean.” laughed

In the meantime, it was common for foreign players new to the KBO League to learn simple Korean to adapt to the team. Most of them stop at greetings like hello, nice to meet you, and are not even players learning the names of Korean food and swear words. However, not many foreign players directly learn to ask what the other person’s name is.

If you think about it, Anderson was serious about learning anything, and he was especially interested in Korea and the KBO league, where he would adapt himself. After meeting him at spring camp in the United States, he recalled the foreign players who played in Korea and accurately mentioned the players’ teams by their full names, surprising the reporters. He was referring to the fact that former San Francisco Giants teammates Andrew Suarez and Casey Kelly belonged to the LG Twins. Eventually, the full names of 10 KBO league teams were listed.

The extraordinary passion for learning does not stop here. Anderson studied the KBO League hitters he faced through two incorrect answer notes and remembered the feelings of the day in detail. One incorrect answer notebook was a record of his own analysis of the opposing team and the swing and posture of a specific player. It’s an old habit that began at the University of Florida, and it was the secret that made him one of the best players in college at the time as a closer. In the incorrect answer note before Kiwoom, three walks were recorded.

Anderson said, “I think the location of the fastball is the most important. In the match against Kiwoom (15th), there was a problem with the location of the fastball, so I gave up a walk, but I am not such a pitcher. It seems like a good time to get to know their characteristics.”

The other book, which started three years ago, was an incorrect answer notebook where you record your daily routine and write down your feelings. According to the interpreter, many of the training schedules are organized by time slot, and I simply wrote down my physical condition, pitching, and self-evaluation of the day, excluding emotions.

For example, in the game against Kiwoom, he entered the first base cover in the 4th inning and failed to step on it properly, so he gave up 2 runs (with his own fault). “I thought I hit the bases, but the umpire gave me a safe,” Anderson said.

The mindset and attitude are already passing points.먹튀검증 KIA expects Anderson to throw 300 innings along with another foreign pitcher, Adonis Medina. Anderson has a fast ball with a maximum speed of 154 km per hour and a high-speed slider, which comes out of a large body with a height of 193 cm and a weight of 102 kg.

Anderson smiled brightly, saying, “It’s getting much better than at the camp in Okinawa, Japan. There are some difficult parts because I’ve thrown a lot of balls in a few months, but I think it’s a process now and I’m trying to match the things I’m preparing one by one before the start.”

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