Weigh-in failure tears → 5 points deduction → finish with choke. Park Hae-jin re-emerged as Featherweight Champion

Park Hae-jin, who shed tears the previous day due to a weigh-in failure, returned to the featherweight championship belt with a wonderful finish.

Park Hae-jin (30, Kingdom MMA) won the championship with an arm triangle choke in 4 minutes and 40 seconds of the second round of Park Seung-mo (29, Team Genius) in the Goobnemol ROAD FC 062 -65.5kg featherweight title match held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul on the 18th. .

Park Hae-jin, who possesses a black belt in jiu-jitsu, has emerged as a featherweight powerhouse by winning 7 consecutive victories since his debut at Road FC in 2005 with his excellent jiu-jitsu skills. However, he was knocked down in the second round by Kim Soo-chul, whom he met again, and gave up the belt.

However, when Soo-chul Kim presented the featherweight title to focus on his original weight class, bantamweight, Park Hae-jin’s chance came again.

Park Seung-mo, who peaked in Wushu, entered mixed martial arts by winning the 2020 fighting audition ‘God of Match’. After making his Road FC debut, he won 3 games in a row. He had a lightweight title fight with Park Si-won, but lost, and returned to his original weight class, featherweight, to aim for the championship.

The match started with a 5-point deduction for all rounds due to Park Hae-jin’s 700g weigh-in failure. For Park Hae-jin to become the champion, he only needed a finish.

Round 1 was intense. Park Seung-mo drove Park Hae-jin from the beginning. Park Hae-jin raised his guard, but his blows hit several times.

Park Hae-jin continued to be hit, then lay down first and drove the game to the ground. Even though Seung-mo Park was pounding him several times, he tried to hold on to Seung-mo Park’s leg and put his technique on hold. Park Seung-mo also tried to escape without permission after that, and finally succeeded in escaping. 메이저놀이터

Afterwards, Park Hae-jin completely changed his mood as he successfully landed several uppercuts.

In the second round, Park Hae-jin put pressure on Park Seung-mo. Park Hae-jin continued to approach Park Seung-mo and landed several punches, focusing on his uppercut. Park Seung-mo took a step back and threw a punch, but his stamina fell.

Convinced that she would win, Park Hye-jin grabbed Park Seung-mo’s leg again and drove her to the ground. Park Seung-mo managed to get out, but Park Hae-jin ended the match with an arm triangle choke 20 seconds before the ball rang.