We are in a serious crisis right now… Champion’s camp roster, key message clear

SSG, which accomplished the great feat of winning the historic ‘Wire-to-Wire’ integrated championship last year, is running again. In Florida, where they have been in spring camp for a long time, they will start their second consecutive victory. The meaning of the camp list is clear. The bullpen is in crisis. You must find the answer for two months.

SSG, which has held a spring camp in Seogwipo, Jeju for the past two years in the aftermath of the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), will go abroad again this year to prepare for the season. The Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, which is familiar to players, welcomes the SSG team again.

Originally, he was scheduled to return to Korea after finishing his spring camp in Florida. However, there was a problem that the demonstration game started later than expected due to the World Baseball Classic (WBC) and it was difficult to find a sparring partner in Korea. So, as before, the first camp was held in Florida, and the second camp was moved to Okinawa, Japan, and returned to the ‘old pattern’ of conducting camps focused on actual combat. The only difference is that Ishikawa Stadium is used instead of Kushikawa Stadium.

It is 2023, when local prices in the United States skyrocketed and the exchange rate is not friendly, so many clubs reduce camp living. However, SSG organizes camps with the same number of people as in previous years. A total of 62 players, 메이저사이트 including 17 coaching staff, will go to the first camp. Park Jong-hoon and Lee Heung-ryeon have already left the country and are building their bodies there, and on January 25, 13 players, including Kim Gwang-hyeon and Choi Jeong, will depart. Then, on January 30th, the main camp leaves Korea and starts the Florida camp on February 1st (local time).

A significant portion of the large-scale staffing is on the bullpen side. Despite the great achievement of last year’s combined championship, SSG suffered from a problem with the bullpen. The finisher changed twice, and at the end, the finishing position was meaningless. Pil Seung-jo also did not go as planned. In addition, ahead of this year, Kim Taek-hyung, Jang Ji-hoon, and Jo Yo-han enlisted side by side, reducing usable resources. In order to find a new face, a large number of bullpen resources were listed in the Florida camp.

The coaching staff’s willingness to directly check the players’ abilities and training performance during the winter can be read. First, players returning from the military go to Florida. They are players like Kim Joo-han, Baek Seung-gun, and Lee Won-joon. They have experience playing in the first team before enlistment or have been evaluated as promising players to lead the team. The coaching staff is also expected to keep an eye on how much he has improved in the military.

New players were also organized more than expected. Yoon Tae-hyun, Shin Heon-min, and Kim Do-hyun are the top nominees in the 2022 draft and are promising prospects who worked hard throughout the year in the Future Team (second team) last year. Here, Lee Rowoon and Song Youngjin, expected players for the 2023 draft, will join. It is not possible to guarantee that these young players will enter the opening entry, but it is expected that it will be a stage to evaluate the intermediate process or first impression, so it is not expected to be of little significance to them.

Jung Seong-gon, who was brought in last year in a trade, and Lim Jun-seop, who were recruited after a test after the season, will be tested again for the left-handed bullpen resource vacated by Kim Taek-hyung’s enlistment. Kim Tae-hoon, who trained intensively with the dream of restoring his honor, was also called by coach Kim Won-hyung once again.

If you turn your eyes to the fielder, not only players who played in the first team last year, but also Choi Jun-woo, Choi Hang, and Kim Kyu-nam, who had relatively few opportunities, will re-challenge on the first team stage. Cho Hyeong-woo, Kim Min-joon, and Kim Jung-min, strategic fostering resources, also go to Florida. Compared to the mound, the composition of the starting team and the first team is relatively clear, but fierce competition is expected in that you can get a chance at any time in the future if you get a snow stamp here.

Not all of them can go to the second camp in Okinawa. In previous years, usually 4-5 Florida members would drop off the Okinawa roster. This year, as the Okinawa practice schedule (4 games) is smaller than usual, more players are expected to remain in Korea. How the list for the Okinawa camp will be decided on February 26th, SSG’s competitive landscape is expected to unfold interestingly over the next month.

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