Unknown player, rises from manager to DB head coach… Miracle achieved by Han Sang-min

“I am proud to have given my all to SK. I believe that anything can be achieved if there is earnestness and sincerity.”

Wonju DB announced the appointment of the head coach on the 15th. This is the first season in which ‘Legend’ coach Kim Joo-seong gets off his acting ticket and announces a full-fledged start. There was a lot of interest in who would be the head coach to assist coach Kim, and the choice of coach Kim and DB was SK coach Han Sang-min (42).카지노사이트

Who is Sangmin Han? can be said He went unnoticed as a player and retired at a young age. He worked silently for 14 years at SK, from manager and power analyst to the youngest coach. Fans may not be aware of his existence, but he was one of the indispensable players in SK’s rise to a strong team. She is an expert in the foreign player market, and when head coach Jeon Hee-cheol and head coach Kim Ki-man formed a large framework and ran the team, they played a role in calming and soothing the players like a ‘mom’.

SK Knights’ training in the US ahead of the 2015-2016 season. He was a young man in his 30s who was excited not long after being appointed as a full-time coach. There was a time when I was eagerly wandering around local outlet stores saying I needed shoes and a belt to stand on the court as a coach. He started as a manager from an unknown player, but since he has risen to head coach, it is a dramatic reversal drama. One coach was thrilled, saying, “I devoted myself to SK. I sincerely, really worked hard at any position or job. I believe in the saying that you can do anything if you work with earnestness and sincerity.”

After graduating from Kyung Hee University, he played for 5 years from 2004 at TG Sambo-Dongbu, the predecessor of DB. At that time, he ate rice with director Kim Joo-sung. Was it because of that relationship that he was selected as a coach? One coach said, “It’s not a huge friendship. We met once a year or not, and occasionally we exchanged messages.” A DB official also explained, “There were already rumors about the ability of a coach in the industry. Coach Kim appreciated the ability of such a coach and asked the club to recruit him.”

Still, it is said that he was a junior who trained (?) coach Kim, the pillar of the team during his active career. One coach said, “There was a time when coach Kim’s protests against referees increased dramatically. I was busy calming down the coach’s excitement because I couldn’t play a lot. And as a junior, I always said to the coach, ‘Today’s game, only this, this. Do it,’ he said. Later, before the game, the coach asked, ‘What should I do today?'” he introduced the behind-the-scenes story. Maybe from this point on, coach Kim’s trust in Han coach started to develop.

It is not that the salary has risen dramatically just because he became the head coach. One coach said, “Including the amount of incentives, I was able to receive similar treatment even when I was in SK.” It was more of a challenge than money. One coach said, “If I had been in a position to learn at SK, now DB is a role I have to take the lead. In the process of growing as a leader, I thought it was a path that I would have to face someday. “I couldn’t be sure if the glorious offer would come,” he said, “I had a hard time even deciding if I was betraying coach Jeon Hee-chul and coach Kim Ki-man, who gave me so much. I only thought about this part. It was about choosing a challenge,” he explained. Coach Kim Ki-man also said after the news of Coach Han’s transfer, “It’s going well, so I’m sorry, but I have to congratulate you.”

Coach Han is preparing to face an even bigger slant with the slant of becoming the head coach. On the 4th of next month, he is about to get married with his beautiful prospective bride Sujin Yoon. One coach laughed, saying, “If I knew how to go to DB, I would have thought about finding a new house in Wonju. But our newlyweds’ house is in Seoul. I never even thought of going to DB. It was that sudden.” Then, he expressed his gratitude by saying, “The bride-to-be said that she would support and support whatever decision she made, which was a great source of strength.”

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