Ulsan Kim Young-kwon, April K-League 1 pass efficiency highest… airborne conversion core

Professional football K-League 1 (Part 1) Ulsan Hyundai’s center back Kim Young-kwon was confirmed as the player with the highest passing efficiency last month.

In the K-League 1 April packing (pass) data released by the Professional Football Federation on the 15th, Kim Young-kwon took first place overall.

Kim Young-kwon had a total of 379 successful passes in six games last month, and the total number of opponent team players he defeated with these passes was 665. The average packing is 1.76.

The packing (pass) index is an indicator of the efficiency of the pass. When a pass reaches a teammate, it refers to the number of opponents knocked out by that pass. Usually, there are many names of defenders in the top ranks.

Defenders are more likely to attempt mid-to-long passes than their predecessors. The longer the distance, the higher the index because it overtakes a relatively large number of players.

Kim Young-kwon ranked first in the defense area and midfield respectively. He had a higher packing index in the midfield (404 packing, 208 passing) than in the defensive area (216 packing, 160 passing). This means that the number of successful passes from midfield was higher, and the number of opponents who were defeated with those passes was higher.

Kim Young-gwon also ranked first in the packing (pass) index for medium-distance passes (15m to 30m) and long-distance passes (more than 30m), respectively. He had a packing of 308 for mid-range passes and a packing of 177 for long passes.

It is easier to understand if you check with the average packing. Kim Young-gwon’s long-distance pass packing index averaged 4.12. He had the effect of knocking out about 4 opponents with one long pass.

As a central defender, Kim Young-kwon supports the team’s offense through passes and leads the build-up soccer. Kim Young-kwon’s advance beyond the defensive area is itself a weapon to press the opponent.

His elaborate pass has increased the efficiency of his attack, and he is evaluated as suitable for Ulsan’s style, which is strong in build-up and counterattack.토스카지노

Ulsan has scored 26 goals and lost 11 points until the 13th round, and is leading with 11 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (34 points). The difference between second place FC Seoul (23 points) is 11 points.

Kim Young-kwon was followed by Lee Yong (Suwon FC), Grant (Pohang), Timo (Gwangju), and Lee Kyu-seong (Ulsan).

On the other hand, the player with the highest pass efficiency in the opposing camp was Lee Jin-hyeon (Daejeon). The number of successful passes in the attack area was 73, and this pass had the effect of beating 121 opponents.

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