U-18 national team coach Lee Young-bok of Chungam High School said, “I will try to make one team.”

I will do my best to make one team.”

On the 18th, after the Korea Baseball Softball Association (hereinafter referred to as the ‘association’) announced the 20 players to participate in the World Youth Baseball Championship (U-18 Baseball World Cup), Chungam High School coach Lee Young-bok said in a phone call with this magazine, ‘Unconditionally one team’ emphasized. On the other hand, he also shared a story of consolation for players who wanted to be selected but were unfortunately not selected due to age restrictions and overlapping positions.

After being selected as the national team coach토토사이트, coach Lee Young-bok had a busy schedule. This is because he participated in the weekend league and the Blue Dragon Championship, and prior to that, he conducted research on players who could be selected for the national team while leading JTBC’s strongest baseball recording and high school-university All-Star Game. The 20-member squad was finalized after careful consideration while receiving advice from the association and professional scouting teams.

Most of the pitchers were composed of players who performed well in the ‘showcase’ in front of coach Lee Young-bok in the All-Star Game. Regarding Hwang Jun-seo, he did not save his admiration, saying, “Really sharp. How can you throw like that! I can see why Hwang Jun-seo Hwang Jun-seo is doing it.” Regarding Lim Sang-hyeon of Daegu Sangwon High School and Park Ki-ho of Cheongju High School Sidearm, he praised them, saying, “It’s the first time I’ve watched them up close like this. I really like his cheeks.”

In the outfield position, Park Chae-wool (Chungam High School), who is the biggest player, could not make it to the national team unfortunately due to his paid career, but the presence of ‘Little Red Horse’ Lee Seung-min (Whimoon High School) is a great help.

Among them, coach Lee Young-bok confessed that he had a lot of worries about the catcher position. While there are not enough good catchers in the third year, Gyeonggi High School’s Lee Sang-jun is also a player with a good knowledge of batting rather than defense. Regarding the opinion on selecting another catcher, coach Lee said, “Unfortunately, there was no player as good as Lee Sang-jun among the catchers in the third grade. I’m trying to give it.” He suggested a solution for the catcher.

The national team, led by coach Lee Young-bok, will enter Taiwan in September through convocation and strengthening training around the end of the Presidential Cup.

Indeed, attention is paid to what kind of performance coach Lee Young-bok, who has been reborn as an ‘insider’ through JTBC’s strongest baseball, will show off in the youth team.

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