Two months old whipped cream cake? Possible in ‘cold’ in the middle of winter 

 Q . In the recently popular movie ‘Concrete Utopia’, there is a scene where survivors eat whipped cream cakes. In a world where everything collapsed due to a disaster, a two-month-old fresh cream cake is found intact in the harsh cold of midwinter. What is the shelf life of whipped cream? I wonder if it is possible to last for several months without deformation or discoloration like토토사이트 in the movie no matter how low the temperature is, and if it is okay to eat without deformation or discoloration.

A. _ Cakes are a must-have for birthdays and anniversaries. Usually, because they are enjoyed with various foods, there are many cases where you can’t eat them all and leave them behind. It’s a shame to throw away leftover cakes, and I sometimes eat them while refrigerating them for several days at home.

Cakes sold at bakeries or cake shops can be consumed within 2 to 3 days if refrigerated after manufacture. An official from the SPC

Group , which operates Paris Baguette, said, “Cakes coated with cream have different expiration dates depending on the milk fat content, cream manufacturing date, and cake sheet type.” It is not. The correlation with the many ingredients that go into the cake is also important,” he explained.

In the end, it may vary slightly depending on the ingredients in the cake, but the most important factor that affects the shelf life is that the safest period to eat without product deterioration is 2 to 3 days when refrigerated at the storage temperature and humidity.

An official from the SPC Group said, “The optimum temperature for refrigerated storage in bakeries or at home is 3 to 7°C, with an average of 5°C.” It is suitable. However, the higher the humidity, the faster the microorganisms multiply, which can cause transformation.”

Then, is it possible to have a cake that remains intact even after two months like in the movie? The bakery industry believes that cakes can be stored for up to 90 to 120 days when vacuum packed, either sterilized or frozen. It is said that refrigeration can be maintained without deformation or discoloration at about -10 to 20 ° C based on household standards.

In a hot and humid summer, the cake can go bad in half a day, but if the background is a harsh midwinter like in a movie, it is almost frozen, so it can be stored sufficiently. Of course, it can also be consumed.

An official from the SPC Group said, “You cannot immediately eat hard frozen cakes, but simply eating cold cakes will not have a special effect on the human body if they are kept frozen and the product has not deteriorated.”

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