Two faces of ‘2.3 million parenting YouTubers’… “The child was tied up with tape and imprisoned.”

An American YouTuber who attracted more than 2.3 million YouTube 토토사이트subscribers with parenting-related content was shocked when it was revealed that he had been confining his children and starving them.

The Associated Press and others announced on the 1st (local time) that Ruby Frankie (41), a famous YouTuber from Utah, USA, was arrested on charges of child abuse in Ivins, a city in southern Utah, on the 30th of last month. Frankie is the mother of six children and runs the YouTube channel ‘8 Passengers . ’

Frankie, who gained popularity by giving parenting advice on this channel, suddenly disappeared from the beginning of this year. Rumors of disharmony were raised regarding this, saying, “Isn’t there a problem between the families?” The fact that the parenting style he usually introduced on YouTube was too strict also became controversial.

Frankie’s true identity was revealed on the 30th of last month when his 12-year-old son called for help from another resident, asking for water and food. The child was reportedly locked in the home of Frankie’s business partner, Jody Hildebrandt, and escaped through a window.

A neighbor who discovered the child called the police after seeing wounds on her body and duct tape on her wrists and ankles. The child who was taken to the hospital was diagnosed with malnutrition.

Police investigating additionally found Frankie’s 10-year-old daughter in Hildebrand’s home. This child was also malnourished. Currently, four of Frankie’s six children are minors and are under the protection of the authorities.

In 2020, Frankie said that her eldest son, who was 15 years old at the time, had behavioral problems, so she had him sleep in a bean bag (a cushion that changes shape according to body movement) for 7 months, and this fact was criticized after it became known through a YouTube video.

Frankie’s eldest daughter Shari (20) said on social media ( SNS ), “We have been trying to inform the police for years. “I’m glad they finally decided to come forward,” she said.

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