Trying to find goggles lost at the beach… A security guard in his 20s ‘disaster’

An accident occurred in which a lifeguard died while looking for swimming goggles for an elementary school student at a beach leisure festival in Ulsan.

According to the Ulsan Maritime Police Station안전놀이터, at 2:10 pm on the 1st, lifeguard A in his 20s was found unconscious on the sea while participating in the Ulju Marine Leports Festival survival swimming competition held at Jinha Beach, Ulju-gun.

It was found that Mr. A heard the story of an elementary school student who ‘lost his goggles’ and went out to find them with a fellow safety officer.

A lifeguard who went out with Mr. A found Mr. A floating next to the buoy of a survival swimming stadium installed in the sea shortly after he went in to find the goggles. Mr. A was transferred to a nearby hospital with CPR by the on-site rescue team and 119 paramedics, but eventually died.

It was reported that Mr. A did not have any chronic illnesses and was wearing a life jacket.

The Coast Guard plans to investigate the exact circumstances of the accident based on the statements of witnesses and request an autopsy to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to confirm the exact cause of death.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the Ulju Maritime Leports Festival, which had an opening ceremony ahead of it, decided to completely cancel all events.

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