Toronto Pays Attention to Former Manager Williams, Sacking Phoenix

The Toronto Raptors add a new head coach.

According to ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnalowski, Toronto is considering former manager Munty Williams as a candidate for the next manager.

Former manager Williams was fired from the Phoenix Suns just on the 14th (hereinafter Korean time). Because he showed a very disappointing appearance in the playoffs. Phoenix’s owner, Matt Ishbia, and other executives made quick decisions.

Former manager Williams signed an extension just last summer. With one year left on his original contract, he extended his contract for another two years. This left him with contracts worth up to three years and over $20 million. Nevertheless, Phoenix did not hesitate to find a new leader. I went to the championship challenge, but manager Williams thought it was not appropriate.

Toronto had previously sacked head coach Nick Nurses. It was confirmed that the Nurses coach had quite a few disagreements with Toronto about how to manage the team. As Toronto also needs to find a new command tower, it is struggling with several candidates. Incumbent coaches as well as former and current coaches were mentioned as candidates. Recently, analyst JJ Reddick, as well as former manager Williams, who was sacked this time, were named.토스카지노

Toronto parted ways with the Nursing manager, and several candidates were discussed. Coach Kenny Atkinson (Golden State), Coach Charles Lee (Milwaukee), Coach Kevin Young (Phoenix), Coach Mitch Johnson (San Antonio), Coach Jordi Fernandez (Sacramento), Coach Darko Rayakovic (Memphis), Chris Quinn It is known that he will contact Coach (Miami). 

This is the addition of former manager Williams. Former manager Williams is considered one of the candidates with a good understanding of building a team. He quickly overhauled the Phoenix Suns, having previously towed the New Orleans Pelicans to the playoffs as well. As long as he has a lot of coaching experience, he may be the leader needed in Toronto, which needs to start overhauling.

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