To Won Tae-in, ‘quick control’ means

In professional baseball, the starting pitcher is the one who opens the door to the game. As long as possible while minimizing the number of runs, it is necessary to digest the longest innings. Won Tae-in (23), a native Samsung ace, has a firm standard.

After graduating from Gyeongbuk High School, he joined Samsung with the first nomination in 2019. Starting from April of that year, the starting rotation began, and this year it has been 5 years. He played an active part in 2021 with 14 wins (7 losses with an ERA of 3.06) and 10 wins last year (8 losses with an ERA of 3.92). He mainly uses his fastball and backs up with his slider and changeup. The maximum velocity of the fastball is over 150 km/h.

Wontaein fully sympathizes with the importance of gradual control. However, he applies it a little more precisely. He said, “I try to control the breaking ball, but throw the fastball with all my might. Aren’t you still young He wants to do pitching that overwhelms batters,” he said. After that, I try to use all my strength on the fastball,” he explained.

Last month, there were many days when we lost a lot of points at the beginning of the game. He said, “Sometimes my pitches falter, but I think it’s because the balance isn’t perfect. I am adjusting the pace with a breaking ball, but it seems to be still lacking,” he said. “So there are cases where big innings are allowed. try to fix it soon It is getting better,” he said.

Nevertheless,토토사이트 he was responsible for the long innings. He appeared in 5 games in the month of April and had no cases of early steeling before the 5th inning. Won Tae-in said, “Pitching coach Jung Hyun-wook said, ‘To be a good pitcher, you have to know how to lead such a game. He said, ‘I just need to forget about hits and home runs. I really only thought of that,” he said. “The relief pitchers have been struggling since the beginning of the season. If I get off the mound quickly because I collapsed, the burden on the bullpen increases. So I tried to hold out longer.”

Recently, he also gained enlightenment while watching his senior teammate Baek Jung-hyun. Won Tae-in said, “I saw his brother trust his ball and attack the strike zone with confidence. He realized again that all he had to do was think less on the mound and do my pitching. He will fight more aggressively,” he said with strength.

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