“They canceled the accommodation reservation at will” Are you kidding me with the ’35 won’ reward given by Yanolja?

“35 won as compensation? Are you kidding me?”

Mr. A, who visited Haeundae, Busan to enjoy the holiday, was embarrassed by the unexpected situation. He looked for the accommodation he had reserved in advance, but he had already heard the answer, ‘the room he left’.

The so-called ‘overbooking (overbooking)’. Duplicate reservation refers to receiving multiple reservations for one room due to technical errors in the process of receiving reservations through multiple platforms by individual companies. Naturally, someone will receive a notice of cancellation of the reservation suddenly after the reservation is confirmed.

I ruined the holiday plans, but it was after that that I ruined Mr. A’s mood even more. I received an offer of ’35 won’ as compensation for actual expenses토토사이트 from Yanolja, a platform company that I made a reservation for. It was 35 won for Mr. A, who had to cancel his reservation while trying to enter the room late in the evening.

It’s not just A. Duplicate reservations are more extreme during the full-fledged holiday season as well as public holidays. According to the Korea Council of Consumer Organizations, there were 658 complaints about duplicate reservations at lodging establishments from June to July 27 this year.

From June 1st to August 31st of last year, there were a whopping 1333 cases. All were done through platforms such as Yanolja, How about here, Hotels.com, Agoda, and Airbnb. Most of the complaints received, like Mr. A, were unilateral contract terminations by the company due to overlapping reservations.

An official from the association explained, “Commonly, complaints related to lodging establishments come to mind when it comes to prices and poor sanitation, but there were many problems with overlapping reservations.

What was Yanolja’s reward like? First of all, the actual transportation cost of 35 won proposed by Mr. A came from the process of determining the fuel cost compensation listed in the ‘real-time recommended route’ based on Naver’s wayfinding. It seems that the distance from the ‘○○ Hotel’ in Haeundae, Busan, which was canceled due to duplicate reservations, to the ‘Hotel○’ in Haeundae, Busan, which is an alternative accommodation, was taken into consideration.

Yanolja’s position is that if it is not an affiliated store that has joined ‘Yanolja Care’, it provides the difference in room rates when seeking alternative accommodation, and the one-way transportation cost from the overlapping reservation accommodation to the alternative accommodation.

Yanolja Care is a program that compensates customers who cannot use the lodging when their reservation is canceled due to reasons at an affiliated store.

An official from Yanolja replied, “In this case, the travel distance was short, so only a small amount of fuel cost compensation was possible.”

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