The reason why you should actively use the ‘GO/FO 4.76’ beam sidearm

 LG bullpen pitcher Jung Woo-young steps out for the honor of the country.

The KBO announced the 30-man entry for the World Baseball Classic (WBC) on the 4th. Jung Woo-young was proudly listed on the WBC national team list. It is the first time he has been selected for the national team since joining in 2019.

Jung Woo-young is a sidearm bullpen pitcher representing the KBO League. His main weapon is a two-seam fastball with a maximum speed of 157 km and an average of 151.5 km. Among sidearms, he boasts the second fastest velocity in the world and the fastest in Asia (World’s No. 1 Justin Lawrence, Colorado, average 153.5 km)

. In 2022, Jung Woo-young’s ground ball out ratio 안전놀이터 (GO/FO) to fly ball out is 4.76, which is the overwhelming first place. . His career GO/FO is 4.26, the highest among pitchers who have thrown 100 or more innings since 2015.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol should actively utilize Jeong Woo-young’s ground ball induction ability. Tokyo Dome is 100m left and right, 122m in the center, not small, but similar to Samsung Lions Park, the outfield is close to a diamond shape. In addition, due to the structure, the air pressure must be kept high, which artificially creates an updraft. Naturally, Tokyo Dome has become a hitter-friendly stadium where home runs and long hits are easy to come out.

Due to its nature, ground balls have a very low percentage of long hits. As the first and second rounds of the finals are all held at the Tokyo Dome, Jung Woo-young’s ability to suppress long hits can be a great help to the national team.

Ground balls have the disadvantage of allowing more in-play hits than fly balls, which creates variables. However, behind Jung Woo-young, the best Keystone duo of Kim Ha-seong, Tommy Hyeon-su and Edman is holding on. Tommy Hyeonsu Edman is the 2021 National League second baseman Gold Glove winner, and Kim Ha-seong is also recognized for his defensive power enough to be nominated for the 2022 National League shortstop Gold Glove. The variable of the ground ball will be completely erased by the Gold Glove class Keystone Combi.

Jung Woo-young revealed his strong aspirations ahead of the WBC. He said, “When I go to the WBC, I want to help the team by participating in as many games as possible. He can throw every day.