The MZ gangster took off his shirt and shouted ‘Fighting!’ When the news came out, they mocked “Chief Prosecutor

 While the ‘MZ Gangster’, a group of gang members born in 2002토토사이트 from all over the country, was caught by the police, it was revealed that they mocked the prosecutor who was angry at the gangster.

According to the South Chungcheong Police Agency on the 18th, members born in 2002 from 21 violent organizations across the country formed an MZ gangster group called the so-called ‘National Association’ with the goal of ‘becoming a national gangster.’

It is known that they elected one of the members as ‘Chairman’ and held regular meetings every month since the end of last year to promote friendship and expand their power. At the same time, he also shared criminal methods he learned from senior gangsters.

In the released video, during a social gathering, they took off their shirts, exposed their tattooed bodies, and shouted, “Fighting for the nation! Fighting for the nation!”

In particular, it is said that they captured news reports about MZ gangsters and posted them in a chat room to ridicule them. According to a JTBC

report on the 19th , they posted an image of Shin Jun-ho, the chief prosecutor of the violent crime investigation department of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, who was unable to hide his anger at the sight of the MZ gangsters uniting, and said, “Chief prosecutor “?” he said, giggling while using an expletive. Also, when they saw a photo of themselves with the words, ‘They say the organization itself has been completely destroyed as of today?’, they showed reactions such as “Prosecutor Not only that, when they saw their image in a news report, they flirted and said, “It was spread all over the portal site.” Meanwhile, the police arrested 34 out of 38 members of the ‘National Association’ and are tracking the remaining two, excluding the two who have already been arrested for other crimes.

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