“The man’s pants were down”… Neighbor stopped sexual assault by screaming

A 20-year-old was caught trying to beat and sexually assault a woman she didn’t know in an apartment elevator in broad daylight. Thanks to the help of other residents who came out after hearing the screams, they were arrested as red-handed criminals토토사이트.

This is Reporter Lee Hae-sun.


It was around 12:30 p.m. yesterday (5th) that a woman in her 20s got into this elevator.

She was on her way out of the house as always.

The door opened on the 12th floor and a man in his 20s got in.

[Eyewitness: The feeling of sobbing when someone really dies… Someone just screamed for that feeling.]

During the time from the 12th floor to the 10th floor, the women were assaulted indiscriminately.

He dragged me up the stairs on the 10th floor and tried to rape me.

However, a man who lived on the 10th floor of this apartment heard screams and ran out.

[Eyewitness: The right side of her face was a little swollen, her lips were also a little swollen, and she was just covered in blood from her tears… (Man) It looked like his pants were coming off… ]

The witness immediately reported it and was soon caught.

The perpetrator man was aiming for a woman in the elevator alone on the 12th floor.

After confirming that the woman was in the elevator, the man assaulted her and dragged her near the stairs.

The victim suffered major injuries to her face and ribs.

A day has passed since the incident and residents are now afraid to run into each other.

[Nearby residents: We have no choice but to doubt each other. I think that’s very scary.]

[Nearby residents: Even if you have a family and a husband, you go alone, so it’s usually during the day. I’m very anxious.]

The perpetrator stated, “I hit him to sexually assault him,” and the police applied for an arrest warrant.

It is an uneasy reality in which even our daily space is threatened.

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