The Korean Tour’s first winner in the practice of ‘half-breaking’ has different worries

 “I was stubborn to hit the driver straight.”

Kim Dong-min (25, NH Nonghyup Bank), who won the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour after 66 tournaments, cited “driver” as the reason for not winning despite his outstanding skills. Even though the driver’s average driving distance is 292.7 yards (89th) and cannot be seen as an explosive long hitter, the reason why he made frequent mistakes is because he was stubborn to hit straight.

Most golf courses rarely stretch in a straight line from the teeing ground to the green. Even if it is straight, it is not always good to use straight pitches because the fairways and greens have slopes. Even so, it is often obsessed with the term ‘far straight’ and insists on straight. In order to identify undulation and send the ball to a position where you can address it relatively comfortably, you must be able to use various shots such as draw and fade.

Recently, fade shots with more rotation are popular. The more rotation, the shorter the distance the ball rolls. This means that a fade shot is advantageous to send the ball stably to the desired location. Kim Dong-min also said, “I trained a lot by myself to use the fade shot.” The result came back as a valuable victory.

This year, the Korean Tour produced five first-time winners in seven tournaments. Although their skills are similar, they were frustrated because they didn’t have a ‘one point’ to grab the trophy, but their concerns are different, drawing attention. It reminds me that golf is a difficult sport.

At the Korean Tour SK Telecom Open, which ended on the 21st, Baek Seok-hyun (33, Husem) won his first championship in the 56th tournament. His concern was the Korean turf, which he could not adapt to at all. He said, “Because I immigrated to Thailand in middle school, I mainly played on Yang Grass. Due to the different nature of the turf, he failed to score well on the Korean Tour. He even thought about quitting golf, but thanks to the coach’s advice to change his swing just once, he persevered.”

It is a general view that sheep grass and Korean grass have different grass characteristics, so you need to use different shots. It is a common view that sheep grass should be so-called stamped and Joseon grass should be swept. You cannot change the swing habits that have been ingrained in your body for decades at once. This is because muscle memory rejects swing changes (?). Due to the nature of golf, where results vary by one shot, attempting an unfamiliar swing can ruin the entire tournament. It is not a stage that is easy enough to overcome the psychological burden.

Jung Chan-min (24, CJ), who can easily exceed 300m, was worried about long hits. Jeong Chan-min, who experienced his first win in his life at the GS Caltex Maekyung Open after a struggle, said, “I wanted to win because it’s good to hear the sound of a tick. He did not unconditionally choose a driver, but choosing woods and irons according to the (course) situation was effective.” He realized that he could achieve consistent results in various courses only when he was freed from the compulsion to hit the ball far and transformed into a player who is good at course management.토토사이트

Go Gun-taek (23, Daebo Construction), who won the season opener, said, “The biggest problem was the mentality. When I was in the championship, I couldn’t play calmly and calmly. When I competed for the championship, both my shot and putter were shaken.” He hypnotized himself and instilled confidence that he could do it from the training camp brought about the valuable result of winning the first championship in his life. 

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