The keywords for the business report are market·export·digital·freedom… Reveal the state philosophy

On the 6th, the Office of the President selected business/market, export, digital, freedom/solidarity as keywords for President Yoon Seok-yeol’s New Year’s work report.

Deputy Spokesman Lee Jae-myung of the Presidential Office said in a briefing that 10 out of 18 ministries, starting with the Ministry of Strategy and Finance on the 22nd of last month, and the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism the day before, had completed their work reports.

Deputy Spokesman Lee said, “The president explained in detail the direction of the government’s state affairs through closing remarks for as short as 9 minutes and as long as 28 minutes for each business report.” He explained that the president’s usual thoughts, beliefs, and philosophy were revealed as they are.”

Regarding ‘enterprise and market’, 메이저사이트 which was selected as the first keyword, President Yoon said at the time of his first business report to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, “Government policy is to achieve public goals through the process by which the government creates a market and allows companies to enter the market and generate profits. to achieve”.

The second keyword, export, was emphasized by President Yoon in every business report. President Yoon emphasized the need to break through the economic crisis in two tracks in order to turn the crisis facing our economy into an opportunity, while presenting ‘Export Drive’ and ‘Startup Korea’.

The third keyword is ‘digital deepening’. President Yoon has stated that we must prepare for the future for sustainable development, and that the key to this is digital innovation and advancement of digital technology.

The fourth and final keyword is ‘freedom and solidarity’. Deputy Spokesperson Lee said, “Emphasizing freedom and solidarity in every business report must mean that the spirit of freedom and solidarity must be at the base of all policies.” “Freedom is diversity, diversity is creativity, creativity is innovation, innovation is innovation. It is the President’s idea to bring about an economic leap,” he explained.