“The division commander got angry and gave orders”… Obtained ‘Field Command’ battalion commander chat room

As mentioned earlier, JTBC obtained and analyzed the full text of the group chat room shared by the four battalion commanders who commanded the scene the day before Corporal Chae lost his life after being swept away by the current without a life jacket. The division commander토토사이트 reprimanded the search operation for being inefficient, and there was evidence of him getting angry at the battalion commanders and giving them several specific instructions.

Next is reporter Kim Min-kwan’s exclusive report.


This is a group chat room of the battalion commander who commanded the scene on July 18, when the 1st Marine Division was deployed to the flood site in Yecheon-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Among the instructions from the division commander that Lieutenant Colonel A received over the phone, there was a message of reprimand that ‘the artillery is moving inefficiently.’

About 20 minutes later, Lieutenant Colonel A said, “The division commander is giving instructions over the phone again,” and he was “quite angry.”

This is another chat room containing about 20 executives involved in the search operation, including Lieutenant Colonel A.

After speaking on the phone with the division commander, Lieutenant Colonel A spreads more specific instructions to his unit members about an hour and a half later.

‘The division commander is scheduled to provide operational guidance at the scene tomorrow,’ and included instructions for soldiers conducting search operations to carry out their duties by entering below the knees.

Circumstances were confirmed that Division Commander Lim was angry at the inefficient search operation, which led to an unreasonable search operation.

However, the Ministry of National Defense’s investigation headquarters deleted the allegations from former Director Park’s initial investigation report, saying, “We need to further consider the facts.”

Division Commander Lim is also said to be denying the charges, saying, “I am not in a position to issue guidelines for flood recovery work.”

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