The day before, I went to Seohyeon Station with a weapon… “Withdrawal in the first year of high school” family statement

It was a more troublesome day as things continued to make people uneasy in the heat wave. Yesterday (3rd), the suspect Choi, who brandished a weapon at a department store near Seohyeon Station in Bundang, was confirmed as a result of a police investigation that he had gone to Seohyeon Station with a weapon the day before the crime. However, it turned out that he did not commit the crime that day because he had a scary thought, and the next day, yesterday, he committed the crime again.

Today’s first news, reporter Lee Tae-kwon, will deliver.


Four minutes before the shooting rampage, a compact car near Seohyeon Station hit a pedestrian on the pavement one after another and then sprints to the bus토토사이트stop in front.

The husband, who was walking with him, checks the condition of his fallen wife, and the citizens stop in surprise.

About 10 minutes later, a man dressed in black walked by holding a weapon, people hurriedly ran away, and the police followed and arrested the suspect, Mr. Choi.

[Eyewitness: He just screamed ‘evil’ from behind. He walked here with something like a knife in his hand, and the police caught him.] Immediately

after the arrest, the police conducted the first investigation on Mr. Choi for about 4 hours, followed by the second investigation today.

It was confirmed that Choi had already visited Seohyeon Station after purchasing two of his weapons from a mart near his house the day before the crime.

However, on this day, he did not commit the crime, saying, “I had a scary thought,” and the next day, he drove a car belonging to his mother and ran madly and ran away with a weapon.

It was confirmed that Mr. Choi lived separately until recently and came to his parents’ house in Bundang-gu on the 1st.

His family told the police that Choi dropped out of high school after not attending high school for a year due to social phobia.

The police said Choi had been receiving psychiatric treatment and taking medication for five years since 2015, but he had not been treated since he was diagnosed with schizophrenic personality disorder in 2020.

Mr. Choi is talking nonsense, such as stating that the stalking organization was trying to harm him and that he set it as the crime scene because he thought they were in Seohyeon Station.

The police are also looking into Internet search records through forensics on Choi’s mobile phone and computer.

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