The Chinese are starting to eat everything up… Sales of ‘Emperor Fruit’ increased by 400%

Durian, known as the emperor of fruits, has recently captured the tastes of Chinese people. A survey showed that as Chinese people began to look for durian, global durian sales increased by 400% compared to the same period last year. According to Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post ( SCMP

) on the 7th, the global investment bank HSBC said in a report on the 4th that China, which imported USD 6 billion (approximately 8 trillion won) worth of durian over the past two years, accounts for 91% of global demand for durian. It was stated like this. He also메이저사이트 explained that about 90% of durian exported to the world is produced in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), which consists of 10 member countries, which is an increase from 60% seven years ago. He added that Thailand accounts for 99% of ASEAN durian exports, and that Vietnam, the Philippines, and Malaysia have entered the competition to export to China. Durian, a luxurious tropical fruit, is called the emperor of fruits, but there are mixed opinions. Because of its unique smell, some hotels prohibit eating durian during your stay. However, recently in China, the perception that ‘one can of durian has the same nutritional value as three chickens’ has spread, and durian is gaining great popularity even though it is much more expensive than watermelon. This year, for the first time, durian was produced in China. Durian grown in a farm with an area of ​​approximately 933,000 square meters in Hainan Province, a resort island in the South China Sea, began harvesting in earnest last July.

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