‘The best talent since Lebron’ Zion’s humiliation! Weak durability + privacy disorder. Declaration of abandonment of New Orleans. become a trade card

Zion Williamson’s humiliation. Trade rumors are spreading. We still don’t know if it’s true, but New Orleans is tired of Zion Williamson’s string of bad news.

Leading media outlets such as ESPN, The Athletic, and CBS Sports in the US reported on the 15th (Korean time) that ‘Zion Williamson has emerged as the top off-season issue. The most promising trade at this point is an exchange for Scoot Henderson, a potential second-choice pick this season.”

Already on the 13th, reporter The Athletic Shams Charania reported this for the first time.

New Orleans is trying to trade the Giants. He was the future of New Orleans. He played unrivaled inside play with strong athleticism and power. He earned a reputation as a ‘monster’ by shooting more than 60% of the two-point field goal percentage in every game.

However, there has always been an injury issue. Due to the overweight controversy, a weight option was added to the astronomical contract.

He was the 1st pick in the 2019 draft, but he has never played a proper season. Just for potential, New Orleans signed a contract for an astronomical amount.

Initially, Zion Williamson’s future looked bright. He was considered the greatest talent since LeBron James. Two years ago, ESPN ranked second behind Luka Doncic in the list of young aces who could take charge of the team for five years.

However, at the end of last season, Zion was again sidelined due to injury. Here, the news of continuous sexual intercourse and pregnancy with a famous porn star became known, and as he had a relationship with another non-celebrity woman, his promiscuous private life outside the court was revealed.

Eventually, Zion Williamson is likely to leave the team. However, his value has declined considerably. It is because of the extremely unstable durability and the privacy problem off the court that prevents him from concentrating on basketball.메이저놀이터

New Orleans wants to trade Scoot Henderson, who is likely to be the second pick in the draft this season. Henderson is a large rookie who would have been the most influential player if it had not been for the monster Victor Wembanyama.

He is a guard resource with a seasoned game management and athletic ability that is not befitting his age.

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