Sutton coach “Kuk Hae-seong will show confidence when he joins the 1st team”

Lotte manager Larry Sutton expressed his expectations for the recently recruited Kuk Hae-seong.

Coach Sutton said ahead of the match against NC held at Sajik Stadium on the 23rd, “He has a very large body and a short and powerful swing when practicing batting.”

Lotte announced the recruitment of Kuk Hae-seong the day before. Kook Hae-seong, who entered the professional stage as a Doosan training player in 2008, played for one team until 2021.

He exercised his qualifications as a free agent (FA) in the Futures League after the 2021 season, but ultimately failed to find a new team. The Futures League FA was eventually abolished last.

Kook Hae-seong continued his career by playing for his independent league club Seongnam Magpais. And the team that reached out to him was Lotte. The club explained, “As a switch hitter who can create long hits, Haeseong Kuk decided that it would be helpful to strengthen the depth of the outfield and utilize pinch hitters.”먹튀검증

Coach Sutton said, “I don’t know when he will debut in the first team, but he is a player who will definitely help Lotte.” I heard that he is a player who has been working very hard. I saw him training hard,” he said.

If Kuk Hae-seong joins the first team, Lotte’s player base will become thicker. Coach Sutton said, “There are players with minor injuries,” and “For now, we plan to use Kuk Hae-seong as an outfielder. “I think I still have to think about the batting order,” he said.

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