Successfully completed the KXO 3×3 Seoul Tour in rainy weather forecast, third competition scheduled for July

Even the forecast of rain for two days could not stop KXO and the players’ passion for 3×3. 

The 2023 KXO 3×3 Seoul Tour and the second round of the KXO League, which were scheduled to be held on the 10th and 11th at the special outdoor court at the Gwangmyeong Speedome, had to digest a difficult schedule due to the rainy weather forecast throughout the weekend. There was a risk that the tournament could be postponed once again, but the passion of KXO and players for this event led to a successful event. 

Heavy rain was predicted throughout the afternoon of the 10th, the opening day of the tournament, in the metropolitan area. The tournament, which was scheduled to be held on the 20th and 21st of last month, was postponed by two weeks due to rain. Although the tournament was postponed to avoid rain, KXO and the participating players could not help but feel anxious due to the rain forecast that continued during this tournament. 

KXO, which had been paying keen attention to the forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration two days before the event, moved the preliminary match to the Sporound Gymnasium in Namyangju according to the forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration that heavy rain would fall in the metropolitan area from the afternoon of the 10th. 

The sudden move to the stadium created a difficult situation for the participating teams, but with the active cooperation of the participating players, the tournament opened safely. 

NSBC (U18 Division), Sports & Co (Men’s Open Division), and Hanul Construction (KXO League) succeeded in winning the tournament, which was held in three categories: U18 Division, Men’s Open Division, and KXO League. 

NSBC, where Isaak Kim, who has recently been showing prominence on the stage of the U18 division, played a big role once again, easily overcame RBX’s pursuit and won another championship. Isaac Kim was reborn as the best player in the U18 division of the tournament, winning the top scorer and 2-point shot in the U18 division. 

Sports & Co, where veteran Kim Sang-hoon and young blood Choi Young-hun played a big role, succeeded in winning the KXO Men’s Open for the second consecutive time. 

Kim Sang-hoon, who won the Hoengseong Tour men’s open championship held in Hoengseong last April, also won the men’s open championship in this tournament, heralding the heyday of Sports & Co. Sports & Co, which boasted the skills of all players, proved that they are not a team to be taken lightly by standing at the top despite the fact that a large number of professional 3×3 players participated in the men’s open division. 

In the second round of the KXO League, which drew the most attention, Hanul Construction stood at the top once again following the first round. 

Hanul Construction, whose main gun Seong-yoon Bang was sidelined due to an injury, succeeded in winning consecutive championships by beating Hongcheon Epin, played by Rae-hoon Park, thanks to the hard work of guards such as Ryu Kyung-sik and Lee Seung-bae, and the performance of substitute player Jung Heung-ju. 

Hanul Engineering & Construction, which boasts significantly improved performance this year, occupied an advantageous position in securing a ticket to the FIBA ​​3×3 Hongcheon Challenger 2023, given to the top 4 teams in the KXO League. lost. 먹튀검증

KXO, which held the first 3×3 competition in Korea at Gwangmyeong Speedome, recently confirmed and announced the holding of the ‘FIBA 3×3 Hongcheon Challenger 2023’. After holding the Challenger twice in Inje and Jeju in 2019, KXO, which was blocked by the Corona 19 wall, plans to promote steady international competitions through the Hongcheon Challenger this time. 

KXO and the players, who spared no effort to host the tournament successfully despite inclement weather, are planning their third meeting this year in July. 

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