Starting with Big Boy in Jamsil, comeback one by one, LG 100% power is the management ace, coming back in June 

“I send KakaoTalk every day. I did this today.”

It occupies a large part in the head of the command tower as much as its size. From the moment he took the helm, he was identified as a key player, and his expectations were turning into confidence through the camp. He is not in the first team due to injury at the end of the camp and re-injury during the exhibition game, but his plan to play after his return is already clear. Director Yeom Gyeong-yeop of LG is waiting for Lee Jae-won (24) of ‘Jamsil Big Boy’ to join.

Regarding the process of Lee Jae-won’s return ahead of the Jamsil NC game on the 19th, coach Yeom said, “I entered technical training. I send KakaoTalk every day. Today, I will tell you how to do this. Of course, it would be nice if it came sooner, but it has to be perfect to come. I think it will come in a week at the earliest or ten days at the longest.”

Director Yeom conceived of the Lee Jae-won project from the time he took over the baton last November. A detailed plan was set up so that Lee Jae-won, who has phenomenal power, can become a true home run hitter. I had discussions with hitting coach Lee Ho-joon to set my mindset on the hitting mechanic and at bat. He also expanded his defensive position to first base.

The expected result came from the demonstration game with Kiwoom held at Gocheok Dome on the 25th of last month. In his first starting game after his injury, Lee Jae-won went 2-for-2 with 2 hits and 2 RBIs, including a home run. And he disappeared He is recovering and rehabilitating as his side injury relapses. He plans to return after having a real battle in the 2nd Army.

He seems to be saturated in the outfield, but his opportunity to play after returning to the first team is expected to be steady. Manager Yeom said, “We have the right-handed hitter resources we need. When Lee Jae-won comes, our outfield will be perfect. When Jaewon comes, a space for the existing outfielders to rest is naturally created.”

Director Yeom continued, “From the beginning, we included three right-handed hitters in the field management plan. I thought of Lee Jae-won, Son Ho-young, and Song Chan-eui. Chan-eui needs time, but with three right-handed hitters, the entry can be operated much more stably. In general, we will appoint all players.”

The point of becoming complete is estimated to be in June. By June, all the injured now will return. Starting with Lee Jae-won, Oh Ji-hwan, Son Ho-young, Lee Min-ho, and Baek Seung-hyun plan to return one after another. In addition, left-handed starting pitcher Lee Sang-young, who is conquering the Futures League under Sangmu, will be discharged in mid-June.

Director Yeom said, “I plan to give Kang Hyo-jong a break when Lee Sang-young comes in. Hyojong is circling the first-team rotation for the first time this year. I see around June as the right time to take a break. Since Sang-Gi is making a selection and he is also capable of long relief, when he comes, our starting pitchers also have a resting place,” he explained.

Lee Sang-young started 3 games in the Futures League this season, recording 3 wins and an average ERA of 0.50. Following last year, he is also active as the best starting pitcher in the Futures League this year. When Lee Sang-young joins, LG can include two left-handed pitchers along with Kim Yun-shik in the starting lineup.

It is a long game with 144 games over 7 months. If he rushes from the beginning, he collapses when he should have run. Especially this season. All 10 clubs, including LG, are suffering from injuries. An early rush is impossible. In the end, 토토사이트 you have to run at a time when the injured come back and the entry is plentiful. LG sees that time as June.

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