Sonny did a good job, Mamma Mia Min-jae” Klinsman revives the players

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann focused on revitalizing the players after the Korean national soccer team ended in a draw in their debut match against Colombia.

On the afternoon of the 26th, Coach Klinsmann conducted training with the returning players at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC).

The players, who returned to Paju NFC at 5:00 PM, watched the video together with the coaching staff for 20 minutes from 6:00 PM and familiarized themselves with tactics. After warming up at 6:25, the players started practicing 5-to-2 stealing the ball.

Coach Klinsman, who was watching the players warming up, said in a loud voice, “Sonny did a good job,” causing the team to laugh.

Then, director Klinsman also showed closeness to Kim Min-jae by joking loudly, “Mamma Mia Min-jae.”

The players trained in a fun and pleasant atmosphere. Son Heung-min talked to the players who were warming up together and asked, “When do you have dinner?”

Seol Young-woo, who was summoned to the national team in place of the injured Kim Jin-soo, relieved tension by laughing and talking with Kim Young-kwon, who also belongs to Ulsan Hyundai.

Coach Klinsman will hold an official press conference at Paju NFC at 3:00 pm on the 27th, the day before the game against Uruguay. 메이저놀이터 The Uruguayan coach and players hold a press conference at the Seoul World Cup Stadium from 4:15 pm on the same day, followed by official training.

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