Son Woong-jung “Son Heung-min pulls out the surgery date as much as possible… Cold pack except for sleeping time”

South Korea’s national football team captain Son Heung-min (Tottenham) has advanced the date of orbital fracture surgery to compete in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, his father, Son Woong-jung, said.

Son Woong-jung appears as a guest on tvN’s ‘You Quiz on the Block’ (You Quiz), which will be broadcast on the 14th. tvN released the trailer on the afternoon of the 12th, two days before the broadcast. Mr. Son Woong-jeong said in You Quiz, “(Son Heung-min) asked me to advance the date of surgery as much as possible (he said)” and “(Son Heung-min) used cold compresses outside of sleeping time. So the swelling went down a little faster.” “(Son Heung-min) wanted to play the World Cup game so much. Isn’t it a dream of soccer players to wear the Taegeuk mark on their left chest? I’ve been told that,” he said.

Son Heung-min suffered an orbital fracture in which the bone around his left eye was broken in a strong collision with an opponent while playing a European Football Association (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) game for his team last month, about 15 days before the opening of the World Cup in Qatar. The medical world predicted that it would be difficult to participate in the World Cup because he would have to rest for at least a month, but “captain” Son Heung-min wore a black face protective mask made of carbon material and joined the national team training in Doha and played in all four Korean soccer matches and was replaced. I worked full time without any problems. Thanks to Son Heung-min’s perseverance and strength, Korea succeeded in advancing to the round of 16 for the first time in 12 years since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. 메이저놀이터

In particular, one of the posts that Son Heung-min left on social media after the surgery, confirming his will to participate in the World Cup, said, “Considering the masks you have endured and worn for the past two years, my mask to be used in the World Cup game will be nothing.” In particular, many soccer fans and the public were moved. Son Heung-min’s mask was imprinted as a ‘symbol of fighting spirit’ not only in Korea but also abroad. In particular, at Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan, where the Korean national team’s group stage was held, whenever there was a game, fans who bought masks from shopping malls or made similar-looking masks with 3D printers appeared, drawing attention from foreign media.

Meanwhile, Son Heung-min, who returned to Korea on the 7th and attended the banquet of the national team and President Yoon Seok-yeol at the Blue House the next day, and completed the World Cup schedule that lasted for about 3 weeks, will return to Tottenham on the 13th. He will depart for London, England. Afterwards, the first official game schedule for his team is an away game in the 17th round of the EPL with Brentford kicking off at 9:30 pm (hereinafter Korean time) on the 26th, ‘Boxing Day’. Prior to that, on the 22nd at 4:00 am, we will play a friendly match against Nice (France) at our home Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

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