SK, who joined Oh Se-geun, is aiming for a ‘great winner’, not a ‘beautiful loser’

Oh Se-geun joined SK. 

SK’s situation last season, which won the 2021-2022 season, was somewhat different. Ahn Young-jun (196cm, F), the core of the team, left the team due to military issues, and Choi Jun-yong (200cm, F) was also not free from injuries. In particular, Choi Jun-yong did not play a single game from the most important end of the season to the playoffs.

Nevertheless, SK showed the appearance of a ‘beautiful loser’ last season. There were no victories. In the EASL and championship match, he showed great performance by demonstrating his fighting spirit, but failed to win the championship after being blocked by KGC.

In SK, a number of players this off-season obtained FA status. Main point guard Seong-Won Choi (184cm, G), Jun-Yong Choi, the core of the team, and Won-Hyeok Choi (184cm, G), ‘Mannequin 1’ were the main characters.

SK’s off-season start was somewhat uneasy. Seongwon Choi left for Anyang KGC. In addition, coach Han Sang-min, who had been with the team for a long time, also left. Although I caught Choi Won-hyeok, there was a sense of regret.

Meanwhile, on the 18th, there was a large free agent contract that changed the game of KBL. It was the news that ‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun (200cm, C), who is the symbol of KGC, joined SK. SK, which Oh Se-geun joined, quickly became a strong candidate for the championship.

Oh Se-geun is one of the players who represent the league both in name and reality. He is a player with aging issues and injury issues. However, he proved that he is still alive with a monstrous performance in the last championship match. At that time, it is safe to say that SK was unable to control Oh Se-geun and lost to KGC. Oh Se-geun, who gave SK a defeat, will wear a SK uniform this time.

With the joining of Oh Se-geun, SK can enjoy many effects at the same time. First, Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyung (187cm, G) met again. The two players boasted the best teamwork by winning 52 consecutive victories while at Chung-Ang University. It is the first time the two players have properly matched their hands and feet on the professional stage. Although both players have lost the same athletic ability as in college, expectations are high because they are equipped with advanced skills and skills.먹튀검증

In addition, SK’s Ahn Young-jun will join the team again in the next season. If that happens, SK can create various combinations with Kim Seon-hyung, Ahn Young-jun, Oh Se-geun, Choi Bu-kyung (200cm, F), Heo Il-young (196cm, F), Oh Jae-hyeon (187cm, G), and Choi Won-hyuk.

Conversely, KGC, which became a ‘great winner’ by beating SK in the EASL and championship match last season, could not stop its power decline. Choi Seong-won and Jeong Hyo-geun (202cm, F) were recruited, but not only Oh Se-geun but also Moon Seong-gon (196cm, F) left the team. Through the recruitment of Oh Se-geun, SK simultaneously strengthened its power and weakened the rival team’s power.

It is already receiving a lot of attention as to what SK will look like with Oh Se-geun joining, and what destructive power Kim Seon-hyung and Oh Se-geun will boast after a long time reunion.

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