SK Telecom Open, which failed to complete the first round due to heavy rain, resumes at 6:50 am on the 19th

 On the first day of the KPGA Tour SK Telecom Open, the first group start was delayed for 3 hours due to heavy rain and fog, and the first round was not completed.

The first round of ‘SK Telecom Open 2023’, which was scheduled to be held at Pinx GC in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 18th, was originally scheduled to start at 6:50 am due to bad weather (fog, heavy rain), but the first round was 8:50 and the second round was 9. After being delayed three times, at 50 minutes and 10:50 in the third, it resumed at 10:50 after course maintenance.

However, by 7:18 pm,메이저사이트 the sunset time, only 71 out of 147 players, less than half, had finished the game. Eventually, the remainder of the first round began at 6:50 am on the 19th. The match started in unison at the hole that was interrupted by the sunset the previous day, and if there are no more weather problems, the second round is scheduled to start at 9:10 am.

As of the morning of the 19th, Lee Jae-kyung took 1 eagle and 4 birdies and reduced 6 strokes to the 10th hole to lead, while Ham Ham-woo Ham followed with 5 under.

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