“Similar to Itaewon”… ‘Here’ where 1.4 million people flocked, why did the disaster happen

On July 24, 13 years ago, around 5:00 pm, tens of thousands of people screamed, not cheers, at a festival site in a renovated abandoned station in Duisburg, Germany. A stampede accident at this festival site killed 21 people and injured hundreds, and the ‘Love Parade’, a representative techno festival in Europe, disappeared into history. ‘Love Parade

‘ started in East Germany in 1989 when 150 people gathered to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Motte, a DJ from East Germany, and has been held every year on the first Saturday of July. The festival was established as a representative European techno festival, with more than 1 million people participating every year, and generated 20 million euros (approximately 28.6 billion won in Korean currency) in profits in just one day.

On the day of the accident, the ‘Love Parade’ was held in Berlin until 2007, but had to be moved due to problems with drugs and garbage disposal. It was scheduled to be held in Essen in 2007, Dortmund in 2008, and Bochum in 2009, but was canceled due to safety concerns and was rescheduled to Duisburg in 2010.

The problem was where the event was held. Made by renovating an abandoned station that used to be a freight train station, this place consists of two large buildings and several tunnels. In response, the organizers decided to accommodate only 200,000 people inside the concert hall, and set up a fence outside the concert hall so that no one could go beyond a certain distance.

However, on the way to and from the concert hall, there was a main entrance, a tunnel passing through it, and a small entrance. Both the main entrance and the small entrance, which are used as entrances, are not clearly divided into exits and entrances, so passers-by can come and go freely, and the entrance has a slope, so the ground is lower than the performance hall. This is considered one of the important factors that led to the crushing accident.

The concert hall, which was supposed to open at 11:00 amidst a large crowd at the time, was not released until noon. At around 2:00 PM, DJs from all over Europe danced and sang, and a parade followed the modified trucks with DJs . By 2:42, the venue and entrance were packed with people.

Around 3:30, officials asked the police to cooperate. The police tried to disperse as much as possible by sending the people gathered at the main entrance forward, and blocking all other roads from the theater to prevent people from flocking to the main entrance. However, as more and more people gathered, the police line was pushed out of the tunnel.

Around 4:06, people trying to enter the tunnel through the main entrance and people trying to leave began to tangle. When even the barrier line collapsed, people pushed endlessly into the narrow space, and people reached the point where they could not move because they were stuck in between. Police said over loudspeakers that no more people were allowed in, but to no avail. In an unusual situation, some people evacuated from danger by climbing onto staff cars, and some evacuated by climbing up emergency ladders and signs attached to tunnels. The stair railing in the aisle had already collapsed under the weight of the crowd.

Even after reports of a crushing death,카지노 rescuers were unable to enter the scene because there were already too many people. The first death occurred at 5:02. However, it is known that the organizers continued the performance at that time. It was judged that if the performance was stopped in this situation, people would leave and a bigger accident could occur.

14 minutes after the death, the situation appeared to calm down as people withdrew from the main entrance. Rescuers who finally entered the tunnel tried first aid for the people who had lost consciousness, and items such as shoes and sunglasses that people had spilled were scattered around. Injured people receiving urgent treatment were also seen here and there.

A total of 21 people were killed and 650 injured. Some of the injured suffered from broken bones or severe shocks to their joints, and many complained of trauma while witnessing them.

In the end, the love parade was lost forever due to this accident.

After the accident, the organizers of the show, the police and the mayor of Duisburg appeared in court. In the process, it was also revealed that an official letter had arrived to the mayor in October 2009 stating that “the place where the Love Parade will be held does not have enough space for millions of people to gather,” but he ignored it.

In February 2012, the mayor was impeached, but no one was punished even though the trial lasted for 10 years, and interest in it further cooled due to the Corona 19 incident that broke out at the end.

The ‘Love Parade’ stampede is said to be a case similar to the Itaewon stampede, such as the narrow entrance and the slope that goes down towards the entrance.

In August 2022, when the event seemed to have been cut off, a new event named ‘ Rave the planet ‘, which inherited the spirit of the ‘Love Parade’, was held.

About 200,000 people participated in the event, and about 600 police officers were put in control of the vehicles. After the procession, police cars and garbage trucks followed in formation, immediately collecting garbage, and blocking existing problems, remembering the scars of the disaster.

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