Sillim Station in broad daylight ‘knives’… One victim died, the other three were hospitalized

A stabbing incident occurred in downtown Seoul토토사이트, killing one citizen and injuring three others. The suspect was identified as a man in his 30s with 17 previous convictions.

According to the police and fire department on the 21st, at around 2:49 pm on the same day, a report was received saying, “He stabbed and ran away near Exit 4 of Sillim Station, Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu.”

A total of four victims have been identified so far, with one dead and three injured and taken to the hospital. One suspect who committed the crime is currently in custody.

A police official said, “We have arrested one suspect,” and “Currently, measures are being taken at the scene, and the details of the crime are being identified through CCTV analysis.”

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