‘Scoring against Japan’ Valverde, also Klinsman Ho, the first target to be alerted

Uruguay’s ace Federico Valverde (Real Madrid) scored a goal in the match against Japan, reaffirming that he is the number one target for Klinsmann’s vigilance.

Uruguay drew 1-1 with Japan in the ‘2023 Kirin Challenge Cup Friendly Competition’ held at the National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan on the 24th.

Uruguay, which will face off against Korea at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th, has veterans such as strikers Luis Suárez (Gremiu) and Edinson Cavani (Valencia), and defender Diego Godin (Veles Sarsfield), who have been the main players of the team for a long time. A large number of people have been eliminated and a generational change has begun.

At the center is midfielder Valverde from Spain’s prestigious Real Madrid.

It is evaluated that Uruguay, which went on an East Asian expedition, lacked striker Darwin Núñez (Liverpool) and defender Ronald Araujo (Barcelona) in addition to veteran players, making it weaker than the previous World Cup in Qatar.

However, they proved their competitiveness by playing on an equal footing against Japan, a team that advanced to the round of 16 in the Qatar World Cup.

Valverde, who supported the attack in midfield, showed his presence by scoring the opening goal in the 38th minute of the first half. When Valverde’s shot hit the Japanese goal, he rushed again and pushed it to the head. Uruguay, who did not have a chance to say anything until the 37th minute of the first half, immediately changed the atmosphere with a single shot from Valverde.

Uruguay failed to win by conceding a goal to substitute Takuma Nishimura (Yokohama) in the 30th minute of the second half.

Meanwhile, Valverde was at the center of the controversy over bad manners by performing a somewhat radical uppercut ceremony after blocking Lee Kang-in (Mallorca)’s dribble with a rough tackle in the Qatar World Cup match against Korea.바카라 Recently, he had a confrontation with Lee Kang-in in the Spanish Primera Liga, and once again raised eyebrows with a rough tackle. In particular, Valverde, who received a warning after knocking down Lee Kang-in with a rough tackle, caused controversy by smiling instead of apologizing.

The reunion with Valverde, who is well-studied by domestic fans, is expected to attract great interest.

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