Sale only for real… Tottenham offer reverse offer for Kane’s transfer fee of ‘99.7 billion’

Tottenham Hotspur are trying to sell Harry Kane to Real Madrid.

Spanish media ‘Pichahes’ said on the 27th (Korean time), “Tottenham made a counter-offer to Real Madrid for Kane. The offer included a requested transfer fee of 70 million euros (approximately 99.7 billion won).”

Kane is considered one of the best strikers in the world. He scored 30 goals in 48 games this season as well, proving his scoring sense at its peak.

Compared to his performance, his team performance was shabby. Tottenham haven’t won the title in any competition. Next season, the Champions League, of course, can’t go out in the Europa League.

He is likely to leave the team this summer. Some have argued that Kane has already told his Tottenham team-mates that he will be leaving the club this summer.

Tottenham is also unlikely to catch Kane. Even though his contract expires in 2024, there is no news of his renewal. It is predicted that he will make money from the transfer fee through the sale this summer.

Even specific movements were captured. According to reports, Tottenham are known to have placed a counter-offer to Real to avoid Kane’s contract expiring.

The requested transfer fee is only 70 million euros. This contrasts with the insistence on a minimum of 100 million euros (approximately 142.4 billion won). It is speculated that this is Tottenham’s ploy to prevent Kane’s transfer within the league.스포츠토토

The media said, “Tottenham demanded an absurdly low transfer fee from Real. Considering Kane’s status, it is an amount that is somewhat questionable.”

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