‘Runner-up No. 9’ Park Hyeon-kyung “Have fun without burden”

Park Hyeon-gyeong (23, Korea Real Estate Trust), ranked 65th in the world, said she would not be conscious of not having won a regular tour of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) for over two years.먹튀검증

At the out-in course (par 72) at Seongmunan Country Club in Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, the 11th E1 Charity Open will be held from the 26th to the 28th with a total prize of 900 million won. This is the 10th tournament of the 2023 KLPGA regular tour.

The 11th E1 Charity Open starts with a course length of 6522 yards, then changes to 6480 yards after the cutoff. The winning prize is 162 million won.

Park Hyun-kyung has not been able to regain the top after winning three total Korean Women’s Professional Golf regular tour wins at the Chris F&C 43rd KLPGA Championship in May 2021. She has already been runner-up in the last three seasons, nine times.

She is Park Hyun-kyung, who is performing at the top of the 2023 KLPGA regular tour, ▲ 2nd in prize money, 3rd in grand prize points, and 5th in average at bats. She conveyed the atmosphere around her, saying, “They worry a lot about her winning the championship.”

She said, “I also have the same mind,” but she said, “If I was greedy, it always took a lot of energy and the results were not good. She will not be burdened and will play with her joy.”

Park Hyun-kyung is consistently producing results, as her TOP10 26 times (40.6%) tells us in her 2021-2023 KLPGA regular tour 64 games. She said, “I was worried about her stamina, but it’s better than I thought. It seems to be the result of her hard endurance training in her spare time,” she revealed.

“I don’t like the shot yet, but the short game around the green and the putt are good, so good results continue,” Park Hyun-kyung, who analyzed herself, said, “I will perfectly improve the feeling of the shot,” and she aims for the 11th E1 Charity Open revealed

The E1 Charity Open produced 10 different champions. It means that no one has been able to keep the top, so there is no victory yet. Defending champion Jeong Yoon-ji (23, NH Investment & Securities) made her KLPGA regular tour debut victory through this tournament last year.

Jung Yoon-ji, who acknowledged that it was “a burden because it is my first time defending the title,” said, “Sometimes I feel a sense of anticipation. As I lifted the trophy at the end of the 5th overtime, many people recognized and supported me, which has been a great source of strength for me so far. It was a win that meant so much to me,” recalling her pleasant memories.

Jung Yun-ji is ranked 8th in average strokes and green hit rate in the 2023 KLPGA regular tour. It is not as much as last season, when it was 5th in green hit rate, 6th in prize money, and 6th in target points.

“I’m not good at putting these days,” he said, “I plan to play while paying a lot of attention to distance. I will make a good play so that Jung Yoon-ji will be reminded of ‘E1 Charity Open’.”

Hosted by E1 Co., Ltd. and supervised by the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Tour (KLPGT), this tournament will be broadcast live every round through SBS Golf, Naver, LG U+, and Spokey.

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