Reservoir generals, Moon government’s THAAD suspicion audit request… “The 3 no 1 truth needs to be revealed”

It was reported on the 25th that the Republic of Korea Defense Reserve Service Jang Seong-dan (chief) would request the Board of Audit and Inspection on the 26th for an audit of the Blue House, the Ministry of National Defense, and the Ministry of Environment, saying that various suspicions related to the THAAD (high-altitude missile defense system)토토사이트 at the time of the Moon Jae-in administration should be investigated . The Grand Chief is a group of 870 reserve generals, including former defense ministers. In this audit request, a total of 300 people, including the head of the city and ordinary citizens, are said to have been listed on the list of requests. There are four claims: ① Delay in the formation of the Environmental Impact Assessment Council, ② Avoidance of public disclosure of the measurement results of electromagnetic and low-frequency noise, ③ Suspicion of destroying documents related to THAAD, and ④ Investigation of the reality of

the 3 Nos with China and 1 Korea . Three dollars means no additional deployment of THAAD, no participation in the US missile defense ( MD ) system, and no military alliance with South Korea, the US, and Japan, and one is a term that restricts THAAD operation so that it does not target China.

Recently, suspicions have been raised in the political world that the Moon Jae-in administration deliberately delayed the normalization of the THAAD base in Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province, conscious of President Moon Jae-in’s visit to China, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s return visit, and relations with the public. Documents from the Ministry of National Defense prepared during the Moon Jae-in administration showed that there was no problem with THAAD electromagnetic waves and noise, but there were also media reports that the Blue House did not inform the public of this fact even after being reported. Testimony and related documents were also released, causing controversy, saying that the formation of consultations, which is a major process of exchange, was deliberately delayed to prevent the THAAD base from being normalized.

In particular, former Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha and other Moon government officials said, “The three dollars are not an agreement between the two countries, and there is no fact that China requested one thing.” As a result, doubts were raised that the Moon administration had made a false announcement to the public after making an agreement on the THAAD deployment issue, which is a matter of national security sovereignty. Suspicion is also growing that diplomats, Ministry of National Defense, and military officials who were involved in related work at the time destroyed evidence by destroying related documents. The head of the Daejang side insists that such suspicions should be revealed by the auditor of the Board of Audit and Inspection.“THAAD is an important weapon for intercepting and defending North Korea’s advanced nuclear missiles and is a key issue for national security,” said an official at the head of the headquarters.

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