Report to 119 “Child with high fever”… Parents requested transfer to a specific hospital 2 hours away

When the transfer was refused, “If anything goes wrong with the child, it’s all your fault.”[Reporter]

I’m curious about your opinions on this news. Please listen carefully.

This article was posted on an online community for office workers. The author identified himself as a 119 paramedic.

They say they were dispatched recently around 9 p.m. after receiving a report that a child was suffering from a high fever.

Upon checking, the child’s temperature was 38.8 degrees, and there were no other abnormalities such as pulse, breathing, or blood pressure.

But the parents of this child, the child has a congenital heart disease, and the charts are all there, she asked to be transferred to the specific hospital that the child was attending.

However, it is said that the hospital was located in a place that took more than two hours to get there.


If you just have a high fever, you would have taken fever reducers. Wouldn’t it be better to wait a little longer?


Yes, but when her parents became anxious카지노, they said they would take her to the emergency room of a nearby hospital.

However, the child’s parents asked him to go to the hospital again, and in the end, the writer said that they do not transport patients with simple high fevers, but since it was a child, they would at least transport him to a nearby hospital. He refused, saying that he should take a private ambulance because he could not leave the premises for a long time. It does.


But I think it would be better to call a taxi and go when there is a fight like this…


But the child’s parents turned on the recorder and said, “If anything goes wrong with the child, it’s all your fault,” and “You’re going to file a complaint, but you’re still not going to go?”

In the end, the writer said he would not go to a nearby hospital and left the scene.

What is your opinion on this situation?

The author also asked netizens for their opinions. Where did it go?

Of the 5,000 people who have participated in the vote so far, about 97% said that the child’s parents were responsible for the incident, and about 3% said that the emergency responders’ response from the parents’ perspective was insufficient.

Netizens responded by saying, “A 119 ambulance is not a taxi,” and “I wonder how urgent the parents must have been.”

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