Professor Seo Kyung-duk “Japan expresses regret over Dokdo defense training, clearly interfering in internal affairs”

Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin 토토사이트Women’s University, criticized the Japanese government’s protest of “regret” over the recent Dokdo defense exercise by the Korean military as “obvious interference in internal affairs.”

Today (11th), Professor Seo said on his social media ( SNS ), “Our military has been conducting the East Sea Territorial Defense Training, commonly referred to as ‘Dokdo Defense Training’, twice a year.” It is said that they strongly protested through the channel.”

In fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan said on its website on the 7th that “Takeshima is clearly Japan’s own territory in terms of historical facts and international law.”

Regarding this, Professor Seo said, “It is an obvious interference in internal affairs and territorial provocation,” and pointed out, “Nowadays, even if you cross the line, it is too much.”

Professor Seo continued, “The government and the National Assembly of our country must respond strongly, because the most basic foundation of a nation is its territory.”

Lastly, Professor Seo said, “Our people should gather more strength to strengthen effective control through steady interest in and visits to Dokdo.”

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