President Yoon “Anti-state forces declare the end of the war”… virtually aimed at the Moon government

The anti-state forces sang the declaration of the end of the war. This is what President Yoon Seok-yeol said at a conservative civic group event today (28th). The declaration of the end of the war was the policy goal of the previous administration, and former President Moon Jae-in also mentioned it several times. In fact, it seems that the wave will increase as it refers to the former Moon Jae-in government as an ‘anti-state force’. Immediately, the opposition party even used the expression ‘Ilbe’ toward the president and protested that it was an “extreme right-wing perception메이저사이트.”

This is Reporter Bae Jin-jin.


President Yoon Seok-yeol, who attended the founding ceremony of the Korea Freedom Federation, said that the declaration of the end of the war was the claim of anti-state forces.

[Anti-state forces appealed for the lifting of UN Security Council sanctions against the North Korean communist group advancing nuclear armament, and sang the declaration of the end of the war to dismantle the UNC.] The purpose of the declaration of the end of the war was to tolerate North Korean

aggression also claimed.

[It was a chorus to declare the end of the war to prevent the UNC and its power from automatically operating if North Korea invaded again… ]

Former President Moon Jae-in proposed an end-of-war declaration to the international community on three occasions during his tenure.

[Moon Jae-in/Former President (September 22, 2021 / Speech at the UN General Assembly): The declaration of the end of the war will be an important starting point for creating a new order of reconciliation and cooperation on the Korean Peninsula.

] That’s what you call power.

President Yoon also said, “There are many forces who deny national identity with ghost stories,” as if targeting the opposition parties who oppose the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima.

The Korea Freedom Federation is a civic organization that has its roots in the Anti-Communist League.

The opposition party criticized President Yoon by comparing it to the far-right community ‘Ilbe’.

[Kwon Chil-seung/Democratic Party Chief Spokesperson: I can’t help but be shocked by the president’s perception, which is no different from Ilbe. I express deep regret and concern for the far-right perception.]

In particular, people from the Moon Jae-in administration criticized all at once, saying that it was “remarks at the level of delusions of grandeur.”

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