Prediction of ‘Lion King’! Man City win! Lee Dong-guk “Halan is the sharpest spear! I want to see him at the Treble scene”

This is a Sports reporter] What about the ‘monster’ Erling Halan seen by Lee Dong-guk of ‘The Lion King’?메이저놀이터

On the afternoon of the 9th (local time), Lee Dong-guk met with ‘Sports Chosun’ alone in Istanbul, Turkey. Lee Dong-guk’s appearance in Istanbul was due to his participation in the ‘Gatorade 5v5 Global Finals 2023 Istanbul’.

This competition is a youth amateur futsal competition with 13 teams from 11 countries around the world, and the winning team of ‘5v5 Gatorade Futsal’ held in each country qualified to participate. The Korean competition is hosted by HNS, a sports marketing company, with Gatorade participating as a partner and Sports Chosun participating as a media partner. P4U FS entered the event as the champion team last year. Lee Dong-guk, who is also a Gatorade ambassador, competed in this competition with a group of students called ‘Lee Dong-guk FC’.

The focus of attention was the European Champions League (UCL) final to be held on the 10th. Lee Dong-guk is expected to intuit the finals with ‘Gatorade Ambassador’. I asked Lee Dong-guk to predict the winning team.

“I think it will be a spear and shield showdown.

I think Manchester City will probably lift the trophy because I’ve always been on the spear side a lot.”

I also asked for an evaluation of Holland. As a striker representing Korean soccer, his answer is cool.

“It’s the sharpest spear. I think there are many fans who are looking forward to Haalan’s goal. I also think that it would be nice to have such a historic moment called the Treble in such a scene. With that thought, I plan to go to the game.”

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