“Pour it all out without regrets,” said Oh Yong-jun, who visited Korea University, to his juniors.

Oh Yong-jun encouraged his juniors. 

On the 27th, the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Korea University and Hanyang University match was held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium.

On this day, I was able to meet a welcome face in the spectator stands. At the end of last year, Oh Yong-joon, who finished his professional career of nearly 20 years, visited the stadium. 

Oh Yong-joon, who graduated from Whimoon High School and entered Korea University in 1999, showed off his superpowers by scoring 51 points in a regular match against Yonsei University in 2001. Afterwards, he was nominated by the Daegu Dongyang Orions in the 2003 draft and played the court for a long time in the pro.

Oh Yong-jun said, “After retirement, I am taking care of my child and studying. At the end of last year, I obtained a level 2 professional instructor’s license and am in the process of looking into it. If there is a chance, I want to challenge myself as a leader.”

Korea University, which has been reigning as a strong player for a long time on the university stage, showed an overwhelming match against Hanyang University on this day as well.

Oh Yong-jun said, “There are many players who are really good. Moon Jeong-hyun and his younger brother Moon Yoo-hyeon stand out in particular. Moon Yoo-hyeon is a freshman, but he seems to have great skills. Both brothers have good skills, so I think they will play a lot of roles. I’m looking forward to it.”

He then expressed his pride, saying, “The fact that Korea University has been doing so well for a long time is a great thing. I’m proud of it, and when I was in college, my grades weren’t good when I was a senior. .

When asked what kind of player he was in college, he said, “I defend and throw a shot when I get a chance, and I don’t think there is much difference from when I was a pro. I don’t think it would have been easy. (Laughs) One thing that made me sad today was that there were many scenes where the players hesitated when they got a chance.

On this day, Yongjun Oh visited the stadium with his son. He said in an interview after being selected as the Distinguished Player last season, the last year of his active career, that his son’s advice was a great help. Oh Yong-joon’s son is said to be enjoying basketball as a hobby.

Oh Yong-jun said,바카라 “I’m still doing it as a hobby with my friends. Now my son is in the first year of middle school. I don’t have any thoughts about being a player yet, and my son likes basketball, so I came with him because there was a game at Korea University today.”

Finally, Oh Yong-jun said, “The players are doing really well. They are important now, but they are players who need to move forward, so I hope they don’t get injured. And I want them to show off their skills. Like me, there are many cases where I can’t show my skills like I did during practice. . I hope I can show my all without regrets,” he left advice to his juniors.

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