“Please come to our team”…’Baseball icon’ Ohtani recruited, fans also took off their feet

All baseball fans want Ohtani Shohei토토사이트 (29, LA Angels).

Ohtani has established himself as a player representing the major leagues. He is receiving great attention from baseball fans around the world beyond the United States by showing perfect performance while double-tapping. Ohtani has now become a ‘baseball icon’. Moreover, since Ohtani will be eligible for free agency at the end of this season, his future is also a big topic. Fans also hope that the team they support will recruit Ohtani.

On the 12th (Korean time), Ohtani’s popularity was also confirmed at the 2023 Major League All-Star Game held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA. Fans gathered at the stadium constantly asked Ohtani for an autograph and actively courted him, saying, “Come to our team.”

The American media ‘Washington Post’ said, “During the All-Star Game, Ohtani, who was facing free agency, garnered a lot of attention. He is receiving worldwide attention, and Seattle fans shouted at Ohtani, ‘Come to Seattle!” told

He said, “LA Dodgers first baseman Freddie Freeman was like that. He was loved by baseball fans and wanted by fans of all teams. The same goes for Ohtani. It remains to be seen if Ohtani’s joining will completely change the history of the franchise.” showed great interest in

First of all, the Angels club plans not to trade Ohtani. The Angels, who finished the first half with a 45-46 win rate of 0.495, were ranked 4th in the American League West. Unless there is a twist, advancing to the postseason is difficult. At this rate, there is a high possibility that he will lose the match against Ohtani in the free agent market. However, Arte Moreno, the owner of the Angels, wants Ohtani to continue his company.

‘The Washington Post’ said, “Moreno has publicly declared that he will not trade Ohtani. It is not easy to trade a player like Ohtani. Moreover, sending Ohtani to another team will be difficult for the Angels fans to forgive.” He explained why he did not trade Ohtani.Ohtani wants to play for a team that can challenge for the presidency. The Angels are a team that cannot meet this condition, so Ohtani’s transfer seems likely. The ‘Washington Post’ also predicted that Ohtani would wear a different uniform next year, saying, “Obviously, Ohtani wants to win. He has openly expressed his disappointment at the Angels’ incompetence.”

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