‘Parent team’ Tottenham is interested, but…”Refuse everything and stay!”


Murphy, from Tottenham Hotspur, urged Evan Ferguson to stay.

This is Brighton’s future. Although he is only 18 years old, he has perfect physique at 188cm and shows versatility as a striker. Even at his young age, he stands out for his composure in the box and is good at linking up in the post play.

He has emerged as one of the most noteworthy prospects this season. After making his adult stage debut last season, he has expanded his presence and is receiving more appearances than this season. As Brighton leads his storm, his starting lineup is lined with outstanding players, but Ferguson has firmly established his place among them. He has so far played 19 matches, including cup competitions, and has scored 8 goals and 3 assists.

He has already made his A-match debut. He made his first appearance in the national team squad for friendly matches against Norway and Malta in November last year and made his debut against Norway. He also scored his debut goal against Latvia in March of this year after receiving a pass from Michael Obafemi.

Several teams have shown interest in this. Tottenham was one of them. Tottenham said Ferguson was the right person to succeed Harry Kane. British media ‘Daily Mail’ said that Tottenham would consider signing Ferguson during the upcoming transfer window. Of course, it has been said that Brighton do not want to sell Ferguson and will sign a new contract with him.

In this situation,메이저사이트 Murphy, who played for Tottenham in the past, urged Ferguson to stay. He felt that Brighton was the best club for Ferguson’s development, and rejected all offers, insisting that he stay with the team.

According to British media ‘TalkSport’, he said, “How could you not love a player like that? He’s strong, he’s a good finisher, he’s ambidextrous, he’s fast and he’s smart. I’ve asked Pascal Gross about Ferguson. “I evaluated him and said he has no weaknesses. He’s a really, really special player. I think Brighton is the best fit for him. I know there are a lot of big clubs interested in him. But he has to stay.” .

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